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December 2006 - Volume 3 - Issue 6

Cleveland Clinic Buys Out Tenet and Plans Future of Weston Hospital

Cleveland Clinic, an Ohio-based not-for-profit internationally renowned for its multi-specialty medical care and emphasis on research and education, is now the sole owner of the Florida hospital in Weston after buying out Tenet Healthcare Corporationís interest in October.

Four physicians established Cleveland Clinic as a group practice in 1921 in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1988, Cleveland Clinic established its presence in Florida, and in 2001, it joined with Tenet to build and operate the 150-bed hospital in Weston. Tenet, a for-profit corporation, held interest in the hospital only.

Cleveland Clinic Florida Chief Executive Officer, Bernie Fernandez, M.D., says Cleveland Clinic acquired Tenetís interest in order to standardize systems and to have the integrated medical campus, consisting of the hospital, outpatient facility with medical offices, and educational facilities, all under the same governance.

(l-r) Cleveland Clinic Floridaís Beverly Capasso, chief administrative officer; Marty Sargeant, chief operating officer; Bernardo Fernandez, M.D., chief executive officer; Cleveland Clinicís president and CEO Delos "Toby" Cosgrove, M.D.; and Scott Campbell, chief financial officer of Cleveland Clinic Florida .

"The model that made Cleveland Clinic so successful was having salaried physicians in a multi-specialty group practice and a full-service hospital on one big campus. With that model, Cleveland Clinic Florida is able to be more transparent. Fewer doors mean fewer barriers to information and services," explains Dr. Fernandez.

Changes among healthcare and administrative staff will be minimal. Cleveland Clinic will retain 100 percent of the Tenet employees identified as key individuals, and the more than 115 clinic physicians with expertise in approximately 35 specialties will continue to treat patients and perform surgical procedures at the hospital.

Employee transitions between Tenet and Cleveland Clinic Florida are expected to be smooth, in part, because Cleveland Clinic has always been a physician-led organization, not a business-led one, which means that physicians will continue to have the authority to make decisions and control policy. According to Dr. Fernandez, "Employees are accustomed to physician governance, so the only change they will see is in the color of their paycheck."

Cleveland Clinic Florida staff celebrate the integration of the Weston campus following Cleveland Clinicís purchase of the hospital.

Additionally, all committees will continue to have a physician champion to guard patient interest. Even environmental committees will be led by physicians to ensure that patientsí interests are always considered.

Patient care will continue without disruption. One benefit that will come from the change in ownership is that patients will no longer need to register with both Tenet and Cleveland Clinic Florida if they transfer between the hospital and outpatient facility.

For Dr. Fernandez and his team, it is all about patient service. "I want the experience of the patient to be a good one, from the moment they call to the moment they leave. I try to see things through the patientís eyes." Quality of care and patient satisfaction are top priorities.

Cleveland Clinic Florida staff enjoy lunch and music out on the lawn of the Weston campus.

Cleveland Clinic Florida is known for linking clinical care, academic research, and education together, and the integrity of that vision will remain, with all services and programs continuing, and some growing.

"All current services will continue, and we will continue to concentrate on destination medical care for complex cases. Last year we had over 3000 patients come from international locations, including the Caribbean, Europe, and even the Middle East. This year, that number has increased."

Cleveland Clinic Florida strives for excellence in all of its clinical programs. Its colorectal and urology surgery programs are internationally known, and it also draws patients from all over the world for robotic prostate and robotic heart surgery. The Bariatric Institute is a Center of Excellence. Other programs include those in orthopaedic surgery, sleep disorders, womenís health, digestive diseases, and spine surgery.

In the next five years, the vision for Cleveland Clinic Florida is to grow to over 200 physicians. There are plans to develop programs in the neurosciences and thoracic surgery, focusing on lung cancer. The hope is that the recent acquisition of Tenetís interest will give Cleveland Clinic Florida the foundation it needs to provide the highest level of care possible.

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