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Tuesday February 18, 2020

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August 2014 - Volume 11 - Issue 2




College of Health and Allied Development Meeting Needs of Healthcare Professionals

When Nurse executive, Kerry-Ann Baker, considered the growing changes in Healthcare education, the College of Health and Allied Development (CHAD), was conceptualized to provide an advanced nursing degree program, and it so happens to be the only one of its kind to the Delray Beach locale.
CHAD brings workforce development to Delray Beach and the health care industry in response to the growing push from the American Medical Association, Boards of Nursing, and Hospitals for nurses to obtain their Bachelors degree. The School is a celebrated addition to the Delray Beach area and is referenced in publications by the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce as a part of the Delray Beach Economic Development.
College of Health and Allied Development offers RN-BSN program both On- Campus and through their Online College. The School provides flexible options for the working nurse characterized by convenient hours, small class sizes to facilitate adequate scholar - teacher interaction, and their online program that utilizes all current technologies to facilitate various learning and teaching methods. The school app for android is available to all students enrolled in classes whether online or residential (classroom).
At its core, Baker, highlights the value and contribution of each member of the executive, support, and faculty teams, and points out that it is important to the school that the instructors are supported in order to deliver the quality education and deliver the educational expectations of each student. Facilitators are therefore encouraged to be creative, with full support given to each instructor by school administration and educational consultants for the areas of expertise under study. The school boasts that all its instructors are masters and doctorate prepared with wealth of experience in their area of instruction.
The school’s location is itself is a contribution to the learning experience. Students are welcomed to a beautiful building with a lake front view, lush green trees and an outside foyer that facilitates studying in a beautiful, quiet environment. The campus itself boasts 3 classrooms, seating between 8 - 16 students and a state-of-the-art computer center.
As Baker, an RN for 17 years concludes, ‘not even the sky is a limit to one’s potential’ the College Of Health And Allied Development is already working on their expansion to provide more educational programs to the healthcare and management industries.
For more information about admissions to the College of Health and Allied Development (CHAD), call (561) 270-7383 to speak with Christine Palmer or visit
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