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October 2008 - Volume 5 - Issue 4




Compuquip Offers IT Peace of Mind

A solid IT infrastructure can protect data while reducing inefficiencies and improving business processes. While this can be handled in house, many companies are seeing the benefits of handing over management of their network, servers and network security needs to an IT consulting firm. One of the largest IT providers in South Florida is Compuquip Technologies.

"Everyone wants to focus on their core business," said Alberto Dosal, president and CEO of Compuquip. Compuquip's mission is to enable their clients to do so by integrating, securing and managing their technology infrastructure. "In the last five years, we’ve been able to manage our client’s IT systems cost effectively by utilizing our investments in software that, until recently, was only affordable to global providers and large organizations."

One of the key features of Compuquip's service is their Remote Service Desk that allows clients and technicians to interact in real-time. This enables clients to instantly connect with Compuquip technicians and alert them of any issues with e-mail, servers, security or networks. As a result, problems are resolved in a timely manner with little to no interruption in business operations. And, with Compuquip's advanced tools, most problems can be resolved remotely.

"We are able to help our clients focus on their core business by leveraging our assets. Our assets are our people and our technology," said Dosal. Compuquip's engineers and technicians are certified by leading hardware and software providers including Check Point, Cisco, IBM and Microsoft.

John Hopkins, president and CEO of MedVance Institute, a client of Compuquip said, "Compuquip has an entire infrastructure dedicated to IT. They are professional, knowledgeable and have seamlessly become our IT department."

Compuquip constantly monitors client's network, security defenses, servers and messaging systems to identify any problems. This constant monitoring provides clients with piece of mind that someone is "on the case" at all times. In combination with their Remote Service Desk, Compuquip dedicates two on-site field technicians to each client to ensure continuity and consistency of on-site service.

One of the main benefits of out-tasking is the costs savings. Compuquip was able to save one client over 30 percent a month, realizing an annual savings of $370,000. This cost savings comes from a reduction in expenses of maintaining an in-house IT staff and the ability to tap into Compuquip's purchasing power and IT management tools to save on system upgrades.

Compuquip was established in 1980 in Miami and provides IT services to over 300 South Florida businesses. On February 27, 2008 they received the Beacon Council Award for IT Telecommunications. Dosal was also named chairman of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Technology Committee. His role will include educating the community on how to best utilize technology.

For more information, visit or call (305) 436-8853.
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