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Saturday October 20, 2018

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June 2018 - Volume 14 - Issue 12




Computer Solutions Unlimited Providing Security, Compliance

Total regulatory compliance. Confidentiality of personal information. Security. Isn't that what all companies, particularly medical facilities, are looking for when it comes to their computer systems? 

That's just what Stephen Kuska, President, provides through his firm, Computer Solutions Unlimited (CSU). Kuska said his company started as a managed service provider in 1996, to work with individual clients to provide IT services – mostly for small to medium-size businesses. Often, these SMBs can't afford or choose not to do the work on their own. To have their needs met, those companies would have to contract with a variety of providers who offer the different types of services – firewalls, anti-virus, software, etc. "Rather than advising companies that they actually need to purchase 8-10 products to keep their IT environment secure, we came up with a one-price solution to take the worry and hassle out of handling all the individual pieces."
Kuska said Computer Solutions has a target market of companies that 'need' to be secure, rather than those that just 'want' to be. "The medical industry has to comply with HIPAA. Our deliverable is basically an IT environment for people in the medical industry that is totally compliant. We have proven that we can provide them a system that meets all of the regulatory requirements."
That is possible, according to Kuska, because Computer Solutions does all the work in the cloud. "The services we offer are all cloud-based, which means the end-users – doctors, hospitals, clinics and offices – don't have to provide their own servers, firewalls, etc. We provide all of that, and the reason we do that is because the only environment in which we can guarantee that somebody is compliant is the one we can control."
Referring to the medical community in particular, Kuska said it's the doctors, the end-users, who are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of patient information. The way they guarantee that hospitals and clinics and doctors' offices are compliant is that they never allow the information to be stored locally. "At the end of the day, people can walk out of the office and if someone comes in and steals all of their equipment, there's no concern because the equipment doesn't have any information on it; it's in our environment … it only exists in the cloud."
Kuska believes CSU provides a service that no one else does, and they are able to do this through a company called OS33. OS33 maintains the data centers and applications and does all the reporting – all the things clients wish they could do and intend to do, but never quite get around to implementing on their own.
He explained that when working with any client that deals in IT, disaster recovery must be built into the system. Because of the design of his company's system, it can provide that service regardless of infrastructure. As long as a working device with any sort of internet connection is available, Computer Solutions can provide access to data, and do it securely. Kuska pointed out, "we have clients in Charleston, which is frequently evacuated because of flooding. They just take their PCs and phones with them, go inland 10 miles, plug in, and continue working as if they never left their office."
Kuska said it is important for people to understand the benefits of his company's service. "HIPAA right now is challenging the medical community because of its stringent requirements. If someone steals a laptop that has data on it, the company could be charged per record for what is stolen. However, if the data never actually resides on that PC, the thief can't get anything if the laptop is stolen. That's one of our greatest strengths and benefits, and we can interface with almost anyone's software."
One additional way to measure a product is by how quickly it can maneuver and make changes. He said an individual user or company on their own will rarely implement the resources necessary to respond to all the threats that are identified, and they likely will not have the ability to write the codes that are essential for becoming compliant. "As rules change, there's no way individual companies can actually go through and make those changes on a timely basis. However, when those types of changes come in, OS33 has a 24/7 development staff to make modifications that are required by law, and make sure everything is running correctly."
And – isn't that what all medical facilities are looking for?

For more information, visit or call (561) 626-4464.

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