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Tuesday May 18, 2021

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May 2021 - Volume 17 - Issue 11


Creating a Resilient Workforce with Technology

Burnout. A term used so frequently that we can become desensitized to its meaning and its repercussions for the healthcare industry. COVID-19 intensified burnout and turnover, further straining the already limited supply of nurses, leaving many organizations scrambling to find staff.

In July 2019, the Joint Commission issued a prophetic article in their monthly newsletter, addressing burnout and calling on organizations to combat burnout with resilience. What they shared is one of the tenets on which Matchwell was built. Programs are needed to not only grow resilient nurses but to design resilient organizations. Workforce innovation, with a focus on controlling labor costs, is paramount for hospital systems. It is time to stop throwing money at band-aid solutions for the nursing shortage and protect our greatest commodity, nurses, by leveraging technology as a strategy for nurse and organizational resilience.
What is the connection between resilience and technology? Autonomy. Staffing is based on an old model with numerous rules like restrictions (such as conversion fees), and commands (like exclusivity to one company). In this model, there is no place for clinician or organizational autonomy. A middleman decides what jobs the clinician has access to with little to no input from the organization. It’s a transactional model that costs hospitals millions of dollars. A 2020 NSI report disclosed that eliminating only 20 RN travel positions saves organizations an average of $3,084,000.
Matchwell is a cloud-based marketplace that recruits and pre-qualifies clinicians interested in long-term contracts or per diem shifts without the use of agency. Clinicians get more control of their schedules and their desired pay rate. Facilities have unlimited access to expanding pools of pre-vetted clinicians with a simple monthly subscription and no buyout fees. Full autonomy.
Providing clinicians with autonomy is not a cure-all for industry staffing ailments but a step towards a new type of workforce- one that has the efficiency and empowerment they deserve. Pair the right model with the technology to enable it, and we can combat burnout together. Access and autonomy for clinicians and organizations builds the resilience we need.

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