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April 2009 - Volume 5 - Issue 10




Designing Quality for All

DEIVIN Consulting Group is a global firm which provides companies with the key to defining, improving and deploying business enhancement solutions. DEIVINís management team understands that Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) is vital to the infrastructure of an organizationís success. Their customized teams of experts help build infrastructure by driving increases in labor productivity, enhancing customer satisfaction, streamlining supply chain management, and improving a companyís overall competitive advantage. Coupled with effective Project Management skills, DEIVIN helps businesses integrate their processes (IT and Non-IT related) and have been able to exceed a 10-fold Return-on-Investment (ROI) from process improvement initiatives.

Some of their key services are:

  • Lean, KAIZEN, Six Sigma & Simple PIģ: Consulting, Training & Certification
  • Project Management
  • Dashboard design and customization
  • Financial Analysis and Operations
  • Market Research & Outsourcing Feasibility Study
  • Spend Data Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Risk Assessment & Modeling
Defining Simple PIģ:

Simple Process Improvement (PI) is proprietary to DEIVIN. DEIVINís professional team focused on training, certification and deployment of Lean Six Sigma. It realized, however, that the tools within the methodology are too advanced due to their statistical and engineering complexity for the majority of the workforce that sits at the front-line of organizationís product development and/or deliverance. Though this was an issue, it had to be solved because it is precisely the front-line force that has the most impact.

As a result, DEIVINís professional team worked diligently to develop a framework that uses the core Lean and Six Sigma tools to drive quick organizational improvements led by the front-line. The tool is now known as Simple PI and has been proven to be accepted and delivered by front-line employees to yield Lean Six Sigma results for simpler/micro processes.

For more information about DEIVIN, call (305) 663-3432 or visit
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