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November 2011 - Volume 8 - Issue 5




EHR Doctors Inc: Leaders in Nationwide Health Information Exchange

Medical care isn’t just about surgery and medications anymore. In today’s complex and competitive health care environment, clinicians need to be armed with more than medical knowledge. Software solutions which are designed to document, monitor and share health records among caretakers and patients themselves are a vital tool in predicting and preventing negative consequences in health care delivery. Appropriately used, they reduce the risk of medical errors and inappropriate or duplicative care.
However, tools and technology in health care minus strategic and knowledgeable integration and automation can lead to islands of inaccessible or underutilized data, resulting in duplication of effort and time-consuming manual paper processes. Inadequate records exchange can ultimately be disastrous to quality care, the bottom line and eventual survival.
Enter the world of EHR Doctors Inc. where clinical health information flows seamlessly between health care organizations, clinicians and the patients they serve in an interoperable format everyone understands. EHR Doctors, Inc. became the first nationwide health information exchange to connect to the Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN). Today the company can on-board any hospital across the nation onto the NwHIN, not just in certain geographic areas like other HIE initiatives.
 EHR Doctors developed its own platform for Health Information Exchange, which it calls provides technology to generate continuity of care documents from a hospital’s electronic health record systems and then transports those records securely over the NwHIN. also allows patients to control who has access to their information over the exchange platform, keeping patient privacy at the forefront.
Gerard Reeder, CEO, of this Pompano Beach firm explained, “Our Nationwide Health Information gateway, approved early on by the federal government Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Exchange (ONC), is designed to electronically share clinical information across provider systems to provide safer, timelier, efficient and effective patient centered care.”
A technology entrepreneur, Reeder has led EHR Doctors in the pursuit of secure health information exchange since 2009. The company’s HIE systems facilitate clinicians in meeting high standards of care by improving decision-making while reducing the massive investment of time involved in verifying test results, referrals, pharmaceuticals and care outcomes. The result of improved communications is not only quality patient care, but also faster revenue cycles and an improved bottom line.
Additionally, according to Reeder the modular designs of a portfolio of products provide clients with the ability to create a mix of deployment applications for patients, doctors, government regulators and other third party reimbursement administrators.
Early Technology Pioneers
Since 2004, the ONC has supported the development of a nationwide health information network, including standards, services and policies to support nationwide exchange of health information. Beginning in 2009, a group of federal agencies and non-federal entities began exchanging health information in a trial implementation.
EHR Doctors Inc. is one of the elite participants in this group, now called the Nationwide Health Information Network Exchange, a confederation of trusted entities, bound by mission and governance to securely share health information.
According to Chief Technology Officer Richard Braman, the company’s IT professionals have years of experience in data and interoperability standards, web services, terminologies and transmission protocols. They have worked extensively with health care providers and payers to deliver high value solutions that lead to better patient care.
Now EHR Doctors Inc. has leveraged their early entry and is linking clients - nationwide - with state of the art technology helping them to achieve meaningful use of electronic health records, an important prerequisite to survival in the future healthcare landscape.

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