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Tuesday September 29, 2020

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July 2008 - Volume 5 - Issue 1


Earn a Bachelorís Degree in 15 Months from St. Thomas University

St. Thomas University has long recognized the need to support healthcare workers with the education and employment skills necessary to move forward in their chosen field. The Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Services is an accelerated program designed for the working adult.

The B.A. in Healthcare Services allows healthcare professionals to make the transition from clinician or technician to managerial decision maker. The competence gained from the curriculum prepares individuals for a management role and provides the academic credentials required for management and leadership in the healthcare industry. Healthcare professionals will learn the basics of managing a Healthcare System, Research Methodologies and the structure and maintenance of Healthcare Systems. Careers will be created, instead of a settling with a job, in this exciting, multifaceted profession. The high demand for healthcare professionals and the constant demand for healthcare professionals guarantee that the job of obtaining a bachelorís degree will be recession-proof.

The B.A. in Healthcare Services provides the graduate of an Associate degree program in the Health Sciences field, the opportunity to earn a bachelor's degree in 15 months.

To qualify for Admission Applicants must be at least 23 years old, have at least 45 college credits and have at least 3 years work experience. St. Thomas University will accept 60 academic credits from all Florida graduates with an A.A. degree, with a 2.0 GPA. The minimum credit requirement to enroll in the B.A. in Healthcare Services is 45 transferable credits. Applicants who have not met the minimum credit requirement may be asked to enroll in the Pre- Professional Program. The Pre-Professional Program spans over three terms for a total of more than 36 credits. After the accumulation of 45 credits, students are eligible to enter the B.A. in Healthcare Services.

Apart from the usual college credit transfer, St. Thomas University also accepts college credits from students who have studied in areas such as Emergency Medical Services, Hospital Based Training, Police and Corrections Academies, and Fire and Paramedic Academy.

The B.A. in Health Care Services is designed for working professionals who can earn up to 27 credits by challenging courses based on their work and life experience.

All courses are five weeks in duration and are held online, in-class or a combination of both. The option is also available for classes to be held at convenient locations or at the workplace. Students are enrolled in a cohort format and students in each cohort take classes together. The program starts and ends at the same time for each cohort.

The personalized service offered in the Health Care Services Program is evident in the provision of a personal advisor for each student, in order to assist with their issues and concerns for the duration of their enrollment.

Apply now at and receive a waiver on your application fee.
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