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Thursday August 13, 2020

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May 2020 - Volume 16 - Issue 11


FastFingerprints: Helping Healthcare Businesses Protect Themselves

FastFingerprints has become a one stop shop for all Level II livescan fingerprint background check needs for the state of Florida and nationwide. With over 40 FastFingerprints Florida locations, the company can capture livescan fingerprints - with or without AHCA photo - electronically and transmit them directly to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). Additionally, select locations also offer fingerprint cards for anyone needing fingerprint cards to get licensed outside of the state of Florida.

“Companies that offer telehealth, for example, would benefit from this service,” explains Nick McCleese, South Florida Sales Representative for FastFingerprints. "Another service, in the reverse, that FastFingerprints offers is level II background checks for applicants outside of Florida is card scanning. Applicants not living in Florida can send fingerprint cards to our corporate office for scanning to the FDLE.”
In addition, the company offers a non-fingerprint based public database records search service to businesses not requiring fingerprint background checks.
“Simply put, FastFingerprints has a lot to offer,” says McCleese. “Companies can visit for additional details on how to capitalize on some of these services.”
For FastFingerprints, customer and employee safety is its number one priority. During the coronavirus pandemic, the company has put many different policies and procedures in place to ensure everyone’s safety.
"During this time we have seen a spike in healthcare workers coming to us, notably those courageous workers who have come out of retirement to help with the pandemic,” says McCleese.
Some examples of their changes in policies and procedures include:
• No-touch policy. They used to manipulate hands and assist customers to get the best prints. Now they have gone to a verbal-command process only.
• No walk-ins. Normally, they accept walk-ins. However, they have gone to appointment only, and customers can schedule appointments at They strongly encourage customers to take advantage on its registration and online payment portal to limit the amount of time required on site.
“We have sent each of our locations a safety package that includes hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, face shields, and wipes,” says McCleese. “Only one to two customers are allowed in our waiting areas at once. When there are multiple customers, we politely ask them to wait outside. Also, our equipment and office supplies are sanitized after each use.”
Founded in 1999, the company prides itself on being experts in the field. Many organizations have a focus on their own business and background checks are necessary for licensure, safety, and compliance.
“FastFingerprints can take the headache of in-house background checks out of the businesses’ hands,” says McCleese. “Organizations can also trust that FastFingerprints knows all compliance with the state government to ensure background checks are done correctly and efficiently.”
In these times, McCleese stresses the need for as many healthcare workers as possible.
“It is our job to ensure that necessary background checks are completed for license and/or certification,” he says. “At this time, healthcare workers in the act of helping, are falling victim to COVID-19. Therefore there is a steady need for health care workers to replace the ones who may be sick, or overworked. We remain open to ensure that the background check is not what is holding them up. We are doing our part to help keep the heroic healthcare industry properly staffed. With the background check being a requirement, we are doing our small part to ensure that anyone wanting to enter the healthcare field to help others, can do just that.”

For more information, visit, or email Nick McCleese at or call (813) 437-6540.

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