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Monday August 10, 2020

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January 2010 - Volume 6 - Issue 7


Fine Tune Your Employment Branding

A clear branding message is the foundation of an effective recruitment strategy. While many human resource and marketing departments dedicate valuable time and money to crafting the right message for their organization, an obvious resource is often overlooked; the employees themselves. Now, every company should have an overall branding message, but there is value to targeting that message to the different candidate segments you are interested in attracting. Have you ever taken the time to ask your employees why they chose to work for your organization? You may be surprised at what you hear. We know the health care industry offers a wide variety of career opportunities that require candidates with very different skill sets and interests. A physical therapist may have chosen your organization because of your state-of-the-art equipment; the food preparation staff may have appreciated the high energy in the dining area and kitchen; and your maintenance technician may have been attracted to the flexible hours. It is up to you to learn what made your best employees choose you over the competition, and use that information in your recruitment strategy. Recruiters and h6uman resource professionals can sometimes fall into the trap of highlighting the details of their open positions that they feel should attract the right candidates, rather than listening to their most valuable employees. This is not to say all recruitment strategies should be focused around each employee's opinion. Speak to a variety of employees and choose the information that is the most prevalent or falls in line with your overall brand the best. There are many reasons your organization is a great place to work and there are many candidates who are waiting to learn about it.
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