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November 2011 - Volume 8 - Issue 5



First Medical Solutions Helps Doctors Focus on Patients, Not Paperwork

Is your medical practice stuck in the slow, cumbersome paper-laden office processes of the Flintstone era? If so, First Medical Solutions, Corporation has the software solution to transport you to the Jetson era, where medical office operations are efficient, paperless and seamlessly integrated into one intuitive Electronic Medical Records package. First Medical Solutions is a dynamic, innovative electronic medical records technology company that provides medical practices with leading edge software solutions and services that help physicians provide better patient care, upgrade business processes and streamline revenue cycle management. First Medical’s expert customized services produce far greater efficiency and quality of care for physician offices, while significantly reducing operating costs.
Above all, First Medical Solutions provides clients with something immeasurable: peace of mind, derived from the confidence of knowing they have the best medical office software system available, backed by the most responsive, personalized customer service. Based in Fort Lauderdale, First Medical is a strong partner that eases each client through the transition from paper to electronics and continues to offer a safety net through support services and ongoing training.
Chris Salins, founder and president of First Medical Solutions Corporation, explains that his company provides a complete medical office solution and has the experience to achieve outstanding results. Salins holds a master’s and doctoral degree in computer engineering, served as the Information Technology manager for the Motorola Corporation and has over thirty years experience in software technology engineering. He switched to healthcare because he recognized the need for automation, especially in health information. He spent years developing FirstEMR, a premier electronic medical records management system that can be implemented with any medical specialty and in any size practice. He is the strategist who created First Medical Suite, a blend of FirstEMR and First Medical Office, a practice management system. This software package is easy to use and interfaces seamlessly with all quality healthcare IT systems and software.
“We’re a hands-on company,” explains First Medical Implementation Manager David Taylor. “We take the time to know our clients so that we can identify their needs and create a solution that fits them perfectly. We provide real world solutions because we recognize that each office is different, with a unique work flow and practices. We take what they do well and build on that foundation, introducing our software into the established practices and streamlining things. Our clients love it; we get great feedback.”
Dr. Cleopatra Gordon-Pusey is a very satisfied client. “I highly recommend First Medical. Their software is user-friendly and makes the office run more efficiently so that I have more time to spend with my patients. The software for the History and Physical helps me to be more thorough as a physician, with its drop-down menu and prompts. In addition, First Medical is available anytime we need them. If you’d rather focus on patients than paperwork, you should call First Medical Solutions.”
Traditionally, patient care in physician’s offices has been paper-based but can now be fully electronic. First Medical software integrates scheduling, billing, prescriptions and other processes into a single, seamless, more accurate solution. It helps doctors individualized and improve care and eliminate costly, time consuming duplication. First Medical Suite helps patients as well through a patient module called First Health Passport that can be integrated with First Medical Suite; this program gives patients online access to their personal health records; easy connections to the practice for appointments, medication refills and preventive care tips, or help in managing illnesses. First Health Passport promotes a healthy partnership between doctor and patient.
Once the office is migrated into electronic health records, First Medical’s team of professionals assists the client to migrate the paper documents into an electronic format for complete digital transformation of the office. Services include record storage: doctor’s offices often have tens of thousands of inactive files that must be preserved; these can take up entire rooms, forcing the practices to lease storage space. First Medical can eliminate the need for this storage, at significant savings.
First Medical currently employs forty computer professionals with healthcare experience and expects to double the workforce as more physician practices recognize the benefits of transitioning to electronic medical records. Salins has national expansion plans for First Medical and is preparing for 2500 new installations in 2012. Salins manages the company along with his son Denis Salins, CTO and COO for First Medical Solutions. Denis is a technology expert and the creative force behind First Medical Suite ®. is superior technology skills help First Medical Solutions to streamline their processes and identify new technologies for automation. Denis holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Florida Atlantic University and is currently enrolled in the M.S Degree program.
Excellent software backed by excellent customer service is the company’s signature. “We offer a brand new digital environment that replaces the antiquated paper environment,” Salins says. “We understand that change is hard, so we make the transition easy. We will not simply install the software and walk away. We train and train and we remain connected, offering a safety net. Support to the client is critical.”
To contact sales or to schedule a live demo, call 888-514-6337 or visit the website
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