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Thursday August 6, 2020

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April 2013 - Volume 9 - Issue 10


Flagler Investment Property Group Delivers Value-Added Service to Healthcare Clients

If you’ve bought a home, you’ve no doubt heard the old adage about the three most important factors to be considered when buying or leasing real estate are “location, location, location.” But when it comes to selecting the right location for your business - a medical practice, dental office, or hospital campus, what also really matters is knowing the demographics and needs of your market, and where new opportunities can be found. That requires a lot of data mining.
Flagler Investment Property Group, based in Miami with a satellite office in Boynton Beach, and in the process of opening offices in Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville, is uniquely positioned to assist healthcare professionals assess local and potential markets, and seek out optimum locations to set up business or cost effectively expand existing operations. Over 25 years and hundreds of transactions, the company has homed in on three primary and growing sectors of the economy: technology, education and medical.
In the past five years, Flagler has significantly ramped up its presence in the medical arena, specializing in the acquisition, development, leasing and brokerage of medical office buildings, as well as providing third-party services such as tenant and landlord representation, strategic advisory consultation, and property management to medical centers, large physicians organizations, and institutional owners of medical assets.
“Doctors and healthcare managers face a lot of inward and outward pressures these days,” said Flagler Partner Herve Puyplat. “Flager’s senior management team combines finance and real estate experience with proven success. We know how to find the best medical markets and how to acquire and manage properties.” In 2011, Flagler acquired Bethesda Health City in Boynton Beach in a joint venture with Investcorp, leasing it back to the seller and currently expanding the campus.
“At a macro level, we look at what medical specialties are available in a thirty-mile radius,” said Puyplat. “Usually we find that most specialties are well represented at that level. But if you narrow that scan to a two-mile, micro-radius, you may be surprised to find that more doctors in all specialties are needed.”
The Boynton Beach acquisition is a prime example of partnering to better serve the community at large. “The population in Boynton Beach is evolving,” said Puyplat. “It’s growing older. An expanded, centralized medical campus provides convenient access for patients and high visibility for the tenants.”
In addition to work with medical facilities such as Bethesda Health City, Flagler Investment Property Group’s list of clients showcases an impressive number of FORTUNE 500 companies including, among others, Coca-Cola, FedEx, Home Depot, IBM, MCI/Worldcom, and Wells Fargo. While Flagler’s penetration is intense in Florida, the company owns and operates properties in Atlanta and Houston but is not yet providing any third-party services in these locations.
Managing Partner Chris Coots notes that Flagler is widely recognized as a trusted real estate advisor and a valued partner. “Specific to the healthcare industry, we know how to penetrate markets and what drives our clients’ needs,” said Coots. “backing any proposals we make with solid data reflecting population growth rates and density, competition, marketing cycles, and projections for the community. People do business with people they like and trust. We know our success depends on the strength of the partnerships we have built over 25 years. We can work with clients from the information gathering stage, through construction, to move-in.” 


For more information on how your organization can grow, expand or relocate in partnership working with Flagler Investment Property Group, contact Herve Puyplat at (561) 704-5232 or visit

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