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December 2007 - Volume 4 - Issue 6




Florida Medical Center Re-Brands with New Logo, Advertising Campaign

Major changes are afoot at Florida Medical Center, the 459-bed acute care hospital which has been offering a broad range of medical and surgical services to western Broward County for more than 30 years. The hospital recently rolled-out a re-branding campaign to better reflect FMCís roots as a leading cardiac facility and the first hospital in Broward County to perform open-heart surgery.

The top-to-bottom re-branding effort includes a new logo and tagline along with a complete re-design of the hospitalís marketing material and an innovative television advertising campaign. The TV ads are set to air in conjunction with the launch of online marketing projects with the Web sites for some of the local stations, and each advertisement will conclude by directing viewers to the corresponding stationís Web page micro-site that features heart health and other helpful medical information from FMC. These micro-sites and their content will also link to the hospital Web site and include news and information from the American Heart Association.

The hospital worked with Miami-based advertising and marketing agency Anthony Baradat & Associates to review the current Florida Medical Center brand and implement a re-branding strategy that focuses on its specialization in cardiac care. The campaign started with the name and logo, particularly after research showed that local residents and caregivers know the hospital more by its initials "FMC" than by the full name.

"We integrated the ĎFMCí name into the new logo along with a heart-centric image," said Tony Baradat, president of Anthony Baradat & Associates. "The result is a stylized stethoscope that forms the shape of a heart alongside the name FMC."

Strong, contrasting blue and gray colors were selected because they traditionally connote strength and perseverance, while the light gray for the stethoscope is a color that is often associated with technology and advancements.

To that end, FMC was recently recognized for its performance and achievements in cardiac and stroke patient care by the American Heart Association/American Stroke Associationís Get with the GuidelinesSM program in "U.S. News & World Report." The hospital is also one of only two hospitals in Florida to offer cutting-edge 80 lead electrocardiogram technology, which offers a quicker, less invasive solution for difficult-to-diagnose heart attack patients than that of the echocardiogram and blood tests used by most hospitals.

Another important component of the re-branding effort, FMC adopted a new tagline: "Healing Heart, Body and Mind." The slogan will appear on many of the organizationís marketing materials together with the new logo. The line maintains the branding focus on cardiac care but also adds emphasis to the hospitals other services for the body and mind, including psychiatric services to treat depression, bipolar and other conditions.

Most of the signage at the hospital has already been switched to the new brand, and the remaining materials, forms and signs will be replaced in the coming months.

FMCís new advertising campaign has already hit the airwaves. Created in conjunction with several local TV stations, the "Words Cannot Express" ads feature powerful black and white vignettes of individuals impacted by heart attacks and the accompanying stress placed upon their families. The spots also feature the hospitalís cardiac care unit and many of the physicians are featured on the Web micro-sites.

"The campaign focuses on the emotions felt by the family of a heart attack victim," said Baradat. "The message is that FMC knows and understands the emotional issues surrounding heart disease for individuals and their families."

The distinctive commercials feature two calls to action. The first is a message of prevention by encouraging viewers to contact FMC about a free heart screening. The second directs viewers to the micro-sites that were specifically created by the local TV stations for FMC. For example, one television commercial closes with the words: "Your Heart: Words Cannot Express. The Heart Institute at Florida Medical Center. Log on to" On this micro-site, viewers will find detailed information about preventative medicine such as heart health basics, diets and lifestyle tips as well as video of FMC physicians discussing the latest treatment options and trends.

"The Internet has become the healthcare information source of choice for many," said Baradat. "The micro-sites enable FMC to bring its expertise in cardiac care to a wide audience in conjunction with local media outlets."

Florida Medical Centerís re-branding efforts are aimed at highlighting the hospitalís distinctive qualities and reputation in our areas of specialty, and the micro-sites within the local TV-station Web sites are expected to help create a stronger identity with the target patients and referral sources.

Mariela Alvarez is Associate Administrator and Director of Business Development at Florida Medical Center in Ft. Lauderdale. For more information, visit or call (954) 735-6000.
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