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Friday February 26, 2021

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June 2013 - Volume 9 - Issue 12


Florida PIP Law Firm Advocates for Hospitals and Physicians

Imagine receiving a check for $250,000 that you didn’t know you had coming – all due to the skill and diligence of an attorney who has a passion for doing right by his clients. This actually happened, in the recent past, to a physician client of Florida attorney Abe Ovadia, the founder of Florida PIP Law Firm, based in Boca Raton, which specializes in helping medical providers throughout Florida collect payment for PIP (personal injury protection) claims that have been denied by insurance companies.
“We help doctors and hospitals get paid when the PIP insurance has denied payment, underpaid, or is slow in paying,” explains Ovadia. “Our clients have provided medical care to victims of traffic accidents and they are entitled to be paid. Too often, the insurance companies cheat doctors and hospitals by denying payment so that the hospital will then send the bill to another entity: the health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, or even the patient, for self-payment. Unfortunately, Medicare pays only one-third of the amount that car insurance is supposed to pay, so the hospital loses out; the bill is ‘paid’ but they are not getting the amount that they are entitled to, under the law.
“Hospitals send out thousands of PIP claims every month, but lack the resources to do the necessary follow-up. We do that for them – we enlighten hospitals and physician practices about how the PIP system works. Our team goes in and reviews every PIP file, case by case. Some insurance companies deny a claim initially, but approve it later – and never tell the medical provider. The hospital therefore assumes that the denial stands and they don’t pursue it. They lose money.” Ovadia says that the Florida PIP law requires insurance companies to pay the attorney’s fees when they have skirted a client in this way. “The hospital essentially gets an attorney free of charge; they never write a check to me. We send a letter demanding payment and if the letter is ignored, we litigate. We don’t hesitate to sue the huge insurance companies; we’re willing to get in the trenches and go to bat for our clients. We believe in fighting for our clients with persistence and our approach has been very successful.”
Excellence in customer service is the signature of Ovadia’s practice. When the South Florida native graduated from Florida International University School of Law, he took his first position at a Miami law firm that represented small businesses. There, he learned to love advocating for clients, including many physicians, who had been wrongfully underpaid by insurance companies. He decided in 2009 to launch his own firm. “It was important to me to be able to define excellence for myself, and to set my own standards for customer service. I believe that the law is a service industry and at our firm, we provide our clients with the highest possible customer service.”
Florida’s PIP law was originally established in the 70’s to provide no-fault accident injury care, but it has undergone numerous revisions since then. The most recent revision became law in January of this year, with stricter rules defining “medical provider” and new requirements for doctors and hospitals. Ovadia says that the changes are making it harder than ever for doctors and hospitals to get claims paid. “The insurance companies can now deny claims more easily. If a doctor fails to write that a patient’s injury is an ‘emergency medical condition,’ then the payment can be reduced to just $2,500 instead of $10,000."
Hospitals and physicians may not fully understand all the nuances of the PIP law, Ovadia says; part of his service to clients is education. “We provide a comprehensive educational program free of charge. We go over the PIP law and through every step of it with them. We teach them what to do, day by day. It’s practical, solid help that our clients greatly appreciate.”
The Florida PIP Law Firm has a team of four attorneys, including Ovadia. They travel throughout the entire state to serve medical provider clients of all sizes and types. According to Ovadia, their services are more essential than ever. “The changes to the PIP law earlier this year have enormous implications for hospitals and healthcare providers, including doctors, dentists, physical therapists and nurse practitioners. These professionals give patients the care they need when they are injured; we have the experience and expertise to help them obtain the reimbursement they deserve, instead of the denials, delays and underpayments that are so common. We have a reputation for never backing down.”
To contact Abe Ovadia, visit or call (561) 305-6317.
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