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November 2007 - Volume 4 - Issue 5




Former IBM Executive Pete Martinez Joins Quantum Group

Technology is taking the Florida healthcare industry into the 21st century, and The Quantum Group is leading the way.

The Quantum Group, Inc., parent company of Renaissance Health System of Florida, Inc., (RHS) has announced the appointment of P. L. "Pete" Martinez to the new position of Vice President, Chief Technology and Innovations Officer. The Quantum Group, Inc. is a dynamic and rapidly growing provider of support services and technology solutions to Florida’s managed care industry and physician providers.

Martinez, the former IBM Vice President of Global Business Services and Senior Location Executive for IBM South Florida, brings a wealth of exceptional experience to Quantum. With more than three decades of trailblazing executive leadership at one of the world’s preeminent corporations, Martinez is an internationally recognized expert in the development and transformation of businesses and even entire industries.

According to Noel J. Guillama, President and CEO of The Quantum Group, the Company is poised to make major strides towards fulfilling a revolutionary vision of improved healthcare quality through progressive solutions, particularly technology. With Martinez on board, Quantum plans to develop an integrated, intelligent system that will transform Florida’s $100 billion healthcare industry by facilitating efficient, cost effective and high quality care.

"Healthcare is a latent industry, one of the few remaining industries that have not leveraged the new technologies, processes and business models of the 21st century," says Martinez. "It’s a heavily fragmented industry with considerable inefficiency, duplication of effort, waste and inadequate sharing of information among physicians and other professionals. What’s missing is process definition and the technology to automate the processes. There’s an opportunity in healthcare to significantly accelerate cost reductions and improve care through the transformation of processes."

Martinez is excited by the prospect of bringing substantial change to an industry in which everyone has a stake. "All of us are recipients of healthcare and can all identify with the problems: the expense, discomforts and inconveniences. In addition, we still have a healthcare system focused on disease and not wellness. It’s a $2.2 trillion industry in the U.S., in which costs are rising while quality is deteriorating. That must be reversed, and can be. The answers are clear and technology will play the critical role, automating and expediting the processes.

"To me, there is no greater cause right now than the transformation of healthcare in this country."

As an example of the need for innovation in healthcare, Martinez cites the area of health information management. "It’s a problem because most transactions occur by telephone, fax and on paper. Improving the software for electronic medical records will be more efficient and reduce medical errors – a direct impact on quality. There will be hypothetical road blocks, such as concerns about HIPAA. These are artificial hurdles and education will address them."

With his trademark high energy and innovative thinking, Martinez has helped numerous organizations achieve excellence, advance their products and services and position themselves for greater growth and profit. He has worked with nearly every major corporation in the US and led IBM’s business consulting and system integration services in Latin America. He spearheaded the creation of e-business consulting, pioneered the first electronic services on the Internet and was a leader in IBM’s original personal computer business.

Martinez feels privileged to be with Quantum in this capacity. "I walked away at the top of my career at IBM to join this company. Transformation has to come from inside, not from an outside consultant, and I was seeking the area in healthcare where the greatest leverage could be applied. Quantum has an innovative business model and a thirst for technology that drives quality and productivity as they develop solutions. They have a laser sharp focus plus a pragmatic vision of the advantages of linking technology to care.

"What I bring to Quantum is my knowledge of business and business transformation; my understanding of technology as the critical element for transformation; and the drive, passion and stamina to make change happen. I’m so excited by the potential in this that my greatest challenge right now is getting to sleep."

Martinez acknowledges that this undertaking will be complex and he believes that the return on investment will be enormous. "Technology solutions will transform healthcare, making it more productive, less expensive and more easily manageable. It will serve the hospitals, physicians and other caregivers, managed care organizations, insurers and the patient. Most importantly, it will make the system more responsive to the patient, putting the patient at the center."

The Quantum Group was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Wellington. It is one of Florida’s largest community based healthcare provider systems, with approximately 1600 contracted providers and a growing number of managed care clients.

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Pete Martinez can be reached at (561) 798-9800.

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