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Tuesday February 25, 2020

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May 2010 - Volume 6 - Issue 11




Future Physicianís View on Proposed Healthcare Reform

Debates have been exchanging regarding the benefits and cost factors of the proposed new Health Care Reform Bill. As a future family practitioner beginning Medical School next year, I find the outcomes of the proposed new health care bill far more beneficial than our current system. With the new health care bill, changes will be made to our $2.5 trillion healthcare system that focus upon the cost factors of healthcare services for many that currently are denied many health coverage. The proposed new bill enforces that all citizens and legal residents are required to have health insurance and assistance will be provided to low income families via federal subsidies. In addition, the limitations of health insurance to those who already suffer from pre-existing medical conditions will not be restricted, nor will age, gender, prior work experience or any other factor play a role in reducing a patientís chance of acquiring a viable healthcare plan. In addition, insurance companies will no longer have the right to drop a patientís health plan due to them developing an illness. There will no longer be any lifetime limits on coverage and annual limits will not be confined. Insurers will be responsible for promoting preventative healthcare service coverage and out-of-pocket expenses will be restricted.

Rachel Sewnarine with collected items for Haitian Earthquake victims.

Based upon these proposed criteria, patients would not be limited to utilizing Emergency Centers, but allowed and encouraged to utilize Family Medicine Clinics; a new door they can open that aids in basic checkups and better assist in preventing future medical problems. With the new proposed plan, health care providers will no longer turn away patients and the physicianís oath to fulfill the best medical care could be applied without business decisions interfering. The concern over which patients have health insurance would no longer be a concern. Therefore, the focus will once again only be about the patientís well being rather than the business and financial aspects of the patientís visitation. Also, the patient will be granted as many appointments as necessary. Overall, this unlimited value not only ensures patient satisfaction but also increases routine visits. More and more benefits arise from this due to the fact that physicians are able to assist patients in the best possible way by continuously treating the patient and keeping record of any variation in health conditions, since a relationship between a physician and patient is very important. It is critical for a physician to understand not only the physical pains of their patient but the emotional stress as well. Therefore, routine checkups can only result in a better relationship between a patient and their primary care physician and better care provided.

All this said, I truly believe that under the new proposed Health Care Reform Bill, becoming a Family Practitioner will again allow me and my fellow providers to not be distracted with business decisions, but practice medicine for the benefit of the patient.

Rachel Sewnarine is completing her undergraduate degree at Nova Southeastern University and planning to attend Medical School next year. In addition to volunteering her time at a health clinic, she recently led the efforts of a group of students who raised funds and collected goods for the Haitian Earthquake victims.
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