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Monday May 27, 2019

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May 2019 - Volume 15 - Issue 11





Left to Right: Frank Quattrone, GrowHealthy Vice President of Operations; Yolanda Garrett, GrowHealthy Human Resources Business Associate; Eugene Fultz, Lake Wales Mayor; Darrin Z. Potter, GrowHealthy Vice- President of Production; Robbie Shields, Lake Wales Chamber of Commerce Director; and Ray Chevalier, GrowHealthy Vice-President / General Manager.
By Deborah Solow
Lake Wales, FL - In addition to its state-of-the-art cultivation and processing facility, at the end of February, GrowHealthy opened a corporate headquarters in the Peterson Myerson Building on 100 Stuart Avenue, Lake Wales. The new space includes administrative offices and space for a Call Center and Human Resources operations.
“The GrowHealthy cultivation and operations team has established itself as a leader in Florida's medical cannabis market and is rapidly expanding,” says Ray Chevalier, Vice-President/General Manager. “We currently are taking advantage of the opportunity to open up to thirty (30) dispensaries throughout Florida. In addition to operations in Polk County, our flagship dispensary is located in Palm Beach County, and many others are scheduled to open by years end. We currently are hiring new employees who will be committed to helping our customers enjoy a new level of health and wellness.”
GrowHealthy is one of fourteen (14) current Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers ("MMTCs") licensed to provide medical cannabis under Florida's medical marijuana law. “Residents in the state are learning that we produce premium-quality cannabis products designed to provide relief from a host of conditions and to promote general wellness,” states Darrin Z. Potter, GrowHealthy Vice- President of Production.
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