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Friday February 28, 2020

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June 2011 - Volume 7 - Issue 12




Get a Second Opinion About Your Large Group Health Insurance Premiums. We Guarantee Lower Premiums!

In this new age of health insurance reform, many carriers have used reform as an excuse to unjustifiably raise premiums. Although adjusting to the 2014 PPACA deadline seems so challenging to health insurers, the question remains, why? As a previous regional officer of Aetna, I can assure you that operating at an 85% medical loss ratio is not difficult and could actually mean improvements in hospital and physician compensation. The reputation of health insurers with the medical delivery side of the industry could actually improve. While many in medical delivery have felt the pain of the skimmers, aka health insurers, increases in compensation will be tied to outcomes. For specialists that will mean higher compensation and seeing fewer patients (thou our aging demographics may exacerbate needs temporarily) or they will earn more money per medical interaction. For internists who become advocates, their compensation will be tied to diagnostic interpretation of genetics and prevention of disease. For hospitals, lower rates of re admission to due infection and other bundles will be tied to outcomes. I choose to look at the glass as half full. Now what about the cost of your employee benefits plan?

If your company employs over 500 full time employees, it is likely that your health insurance policy could be governed by another law call ERISA. Self or fully funded, Longevity Benefits negotiates lower premiums based on claims experience analysis, underwriting experience and carrier contacts. Our negotiating skills are second to none which is why we guarantee our work. We don’t have to rely on our size to do the right thing. If carriers want your business, we are experts at lowering health insurance premiums that are derived from your employee’s demographics, claims experience and other factors that are used to derive your renewal premiums. Demographics, claims, underwriting factors having to do with costs for medical delivery, actuarial assumptions in your industry and a host of other issues are used to determine your company’s financial risk from a health insurance protection standpoint. Hospitals face stiff competition and have a difficult situation with regard to benefits and utilization, for a variety of reasons. We help hospital CFO’s improve bad experience trends, educate your employees and maximize the potential to lower your health insurance premiums. What do you have to lose when you get a free second opinion?
Les Stettner, CEO, Longevity Benefits, Inc., can be reached at (954) 651-6000.
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