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November 2011 - Volume 8 - Issue 5




Great Advertising — Planning Makes the Difference Between Success and Failure

Here is what to consider when developing your advertising/marketing strategy:
Key Fact
Create a single-minded statement that is most relevant to advertising. It must be a fact upon which advertising can act. It may involve product or service performance, refer to a consumer attitude or usage pattern or revolve around competitive activity.
Problem the Advertising Must Solve
It can be a product problem, a market problem, an image problem, but it is always a problem advertising/marketing can help correct.
The Creative Strategy
The creative strategy consists of four elements:
Prospect Definition
This should be a meaningful characterization of your prospect. Ideally, you need more than demographics. You also need the psychographic contours of your prospects in order to understand their needs and wants, their hopes...fears...insecurities...vanities, etc.
Principal Competition
Create a clear, crisp statement of the arena in which your product or service will do battle.
The Key Consumer Benefit
Develop one well-honed, well-aimed, well thought-out communication that triggers the desired action by the prospect — in terms of a benefit, not a product or service attribute.
The Single Sentence
The single sentence should be written from the consumer’s perspective and should encapsulate the one thought you want the consumer to have about your product or service.
Reasons Why
Most likely the Reasons Why will be the product or service attributes that make the key consumer benefit believable and persuasive.
We get results. Period!
I can help you maximize your advertising/marketing budget with a powerful customized plan based on your advertising/marketing goals. We are also top-notch experts at writing, designing and producing all your marketing materials, including logo design/tagline, website, email blast, direct mail, print ad, radio/TV spot, sales letter/ kit, flyer, brochure, press release, social network marketing and full blown branding campaigns. 

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