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Wednesday April 14, 2021

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November 2008 - Volume 5 - Issue 5

HealthScope’s Interactive Web Program Simplifies Access to Essential Healthcare Information

For many hospitals, knowing where they stand in the marketplace can be extremely helpful in strategic planning and business development. Knowing how many procedures of a certain type were performed at competing hospitals, what the average cost is per patient and how those patients are paying for their care can be hugely advantageous when considering new service lines and marketing efforts. However, gathering all of this information into one place is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process.

Bill Sampsel, president and founder of HealthScope, Inc. has created an interactive web-based Florida healthcare system known as EXPLORE hc which enables hospital administrators, CEOs, marketing departments, medical associations and doctors to easily generate reports on any Florida hospital, physician, diagnosis or procedure. "What is unique about this system is that you can explore and interact with data all from one screen," said Sampsel. "With a simple click, you can quickly drill down into details about a hospital, physician, payer, or more than 25 other health-related data elements."

Founded in 1990, HealthScope specializes in software that automates and delivers healthcare reporting based on large statewide databases. Sampsel has worked with users and clients to perfect the product based on feedback from top-notch healthcare executives. "We have over 200 Hospitals in Ohio, Kentucky and California that use our products and we are excited about offering the same high-quality services to the Florida market," said Sampsel, who started HealthScope after working in the strategic planning departments at two large hospitals in Ohio.

"I learned what kinds of information executives needed to make high-dollar decisions," explained Sampsel. "They needed all kinds of data to support these decisions, so I developed software that would quickly generate reports so that they didn’t have to wait for my schedule to accommodate them. Our focus is to help our customers save time and money, and to help them become aware of healthcare patterns and trends so they can reduce costs."

EXPLORE hc is compiled from over 16 million Florida inpatient/outpatient records, and is designed to be easy to understand and user-friendly. If an administrator wants to see how many patients were admitted to certain Florida hospitals with a diagnosis of psychosis, for example, he can highlight the name of a hospital on the website and target the diagnosis of psychosis. Data included in this profile includes the name of the hospital, how many patients were diagnosed with psychosis, who the attending doctor was, what the total and average costs of a patient’s stay were, and discharge dates. If the administrator clicks on the doctor’s name, he or she can see what the physician’s payer mix is and see what percentage of the patient’s bill is paid by government or commercial insurance. In short, EXPLORE hc shows where healthcare dollars are being spent, how long patients are staying in hospitals, and the volume of patients receiving different treatments.

"Using this information, a hospital can simply click to see charge information for Medicare, Medicaid and commercial Insurance," said Sampsel. "This gives executives a benchmark as to the reimbursements they can expect to receive from governmental and non-governmental insurers. In most instances, for example, commercial insurance companies reimburse more than Medicare/Medicaid." Physicians can also compare themselves to others in the same field and all of the information is updated quarterly.

According to Sampsel, while there are some software systems that are similar in nature, there is nothing on the market that provides inpatient, outpatient and emergency department data in such an interactive way. "With most systems, you have to narrow down what you want to search for first," he explained. "With the EXPLORE hc system, you can start with general information and then drill down to find what you want. All of the information is in front of you."

EXPLORE hc also differs from its competitors in that it is less costly to use. "Most systems that are similar usually have an annual subscription range of $10,000 to $50,000," said Sampsel. "Our goal is to provide performance, ease of use, quality and service at a much lower cost, and we back it up with a free trial. We feel that this will give interested parties an opportunity to see how ‘exploring’ healthcare data can be advantageous."

During this free, 30 day-trial, users can find out first-hand how the system benefits them. As added support, they can watch video tutorials on the website that show new users how to find what information they need. "I designed the system so that anyone can go into it and click around to find what they want depending on what they’re trying to accomplish," said Sampsel.

To learn more about EXPLORE hc, visit or call (800) 523-8734.
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