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Sunday May 31, 2020

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October 2008 - Volume 5 - Issue 4




Hello My Name Is Charles and I Love French Fries Ö

and donuts and chicken wings and ice cream. Ok? Do you get the picture? I like to eat and most of what I like to eat is not exactly beneficial for my overall health or my waistline. So when Carol happened to mention Iíd been going a bit overboard lately (as in she placed the scale at the front door), I decided to bite the bullet (and not the fries) and start working out. And thanks to Dave, owner of Goldís Gym in Boca Raton, Iím inching my way toward a more healthy me. But, rest assured, not without a lot of kicking and screaming, not to mention moaning and groaning.

Of course, my first priority was making sure whoever was leading me through my workout nightmare was an early bird with a kind heart and understanding demeanor. Well, one out of 3 isnít bad. Claudia, my trainer (picture a whip and chair without the S&M or a lion), has no problem putting me through my routine bright and early but isnít quite so understanding when it comes to my aches and pains. We meet about two or three times a week, so she can give equal time tormenting all my different body parts, alternating among my legs, upper body and core. In this way, not a day goes by that at least some part of my body isnít screaming in pain. But thatís probably a good thing because when I sit down to eat my "bunny rabbit" salad or Spartan chicken breast, my hamstring or my stomach usually aches enough to remind me why Iím doing all of this. And that the sooner I melt away a few pounds, the sooner I can stop hearing "oink" from Carol whenever I contemplate a bad menu choice. (Note to Carol: Whenever you say "oink" to me Ö it only reminds me of fried pork chops!)

In the long run, I know Iíll be the happier for my new resolve. First of all, in todayís (euphemistically-called) challenging economy, Iíll save some dollars on fast food and buying bigger clothing. Plus this is actually something I can control, unlike the rise and fall of the stock market or the contentious national elections. (Hey, if Wall Street can melt down in a week, why canít I?) So if you notice me flexing new-found muscles at our next meeting, just tell me to get over it and pass the donuts.

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