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Sunday January 24, 2021

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January 2009 - Volume 5 - Issue 7


Hollywood Hospital Focuses on Unique Needs

In December, Memorial Regional Hospital South celebrated two years as a key part of the Memorial Healthcare System ((MHS). Anyone involved with the facility when it was Hollywood Medical Center would not recognize our hospital. Every aspect of the hospital has changed—for the better—to provide extremely efficient, high quality to every patient that enters our lobby or is "delivered" to our door by ambulance.

Initially, important areas that serve as the core of our healthcare delivery system received primary attention. First, we took steps to make sure that all of the nurses were MHS employees. There are no agency workers at this hospital. Secondly, we completed the largest upgrade of clinical informatics in the system’s history—all designed to improve the level of patient care through optimum levels of safety and quality. Additionally, capital investments were made in installing all new patient monitoring and call systems throughout the facility.

With the goal of providing easy access to comprehensive care in a boutique environment, Memorial Regional Hospital South has focused on the following:

  • The Women’s Institute of South Florida,
  • The Rehabilitation Institute of South Florida,
  • The Orthopedic Institute of South Florida,
  • The Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) unit, and
  • The Hospice-By-The-Sea 18-bed unit.
More than 4,500 sq. feet of space has been dedicated to the new Women’s Institute of South Florida which is providing a full range of diagnostic, surgical and medical services for women. The goal is to offer one-stop "shopping" for all of a woman’s healthcare needs, including digital mammography, breast ultrasound and MRI, breast surgery, bone density scans, imaging, gynecology, uro-gynecology, oncology, gastroenterology, cardiology, internal medicine and geriatrics.

Comprehensive women’s care is administered in an outpatient setting whenever possible and, when necessary, in advanced, private in-patient rooms in a patient/family centered care environment.

The Orthopedic Institute is a center where orthopedic specialists have access to the latest tools essential to practicing the highest level of care within their specialty. Focusing on surgery of the spine, hand and foot/ankle as well as sports medicine, the Institute offers an orthopedic coil for MRIs and specially-trained orthopedic surgical and in-patient nurses.

Forty private and 15 semi-private rooms will make up the Rehabilitation Institute of South Florida. Hands-on therapy will be evident in the 28,000 square feet dedicated to an advanced gymnasium as well as a fully-furnished apartment. The latter is designed to give patients the experience of practicing a wide range of tasks in occupational therapy that are necessary for them to return home. Grand opening for the Rehabilitation Institute is scheduled for this May.

The 10-bed ACE unit is directed by Board certified geriatrician who feels strongly that specialized care for the elderly is essential to South Florida’s aging population. In addition, the patient-and-family centered care philosophy has been applied to the ACE unit.

Memorial Regional Hospital South has also become known for its unique V.I.P. Service, giving staff physicians access to expedited, non-emergency, medical care for their patients 24 hours a day. It’s as if our doctors have their own "concierge" backup.

Along with the V.I.P. outpatient care, 56 private, medical/surgical beds provide V.I.P. inpatient care, featuring nicely-appointed furnishings and ‘round-the-clock’ room service.

From the start of our efforts to introduce some of the latest technology and initiate renovation plans, the Memorial Regional Hospital South Patient/Family Council has provided invaluable input. The members’ expertise and involvement has made an enormous difference over the past two years and will continue to do so as we move forward.

We face many of the same challenges that other hospitals do--the need to deal with tighter funding on a state and federal level. However, we are excited about attracting physicians from the surrounding areas to see our changes here. Once they get a sense of our commitment to safety, quality and service, we hope they will want their patients treated at Memorial Regional Hospital South.

Doug Zaren, Administrator, Memorial Regional Hospital South, can be reached at (954) 966-4500 or visit
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