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Tuesday February 18, 2020

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December 2007 - Volume 4 - Issue 6




HospiceCare Resident Donates Countless Hours Creating Holiday Wreaths

HospiceCare of Southeast Florida resident Susan Perryman, a friend, a family member, caring and a talented lady spends countless hours creating holiday wreaths while donating the proceeds to HospiceCare of Southeast Florida.

After several outings to local crafts stores, Susan was inspired to create wreaths for the Season. The Hospice staff was amazed at her talent and many wanted to purchase her creations. At that moment she realized this would be wonderful opportunity to give back for the generosity that was extended to her by Hospice. Creating the holiday wreaths has been therapeutic, "it keeps my mind busy and helps with the pain I endure", mentions Susan.

The interest in the wreaths has exceeded expectations, so far she has sold over 25 wreaths and many more are available. Her projected goal is to raise a couple thousand dollars for HospiceCare.

Diagnosed with Stage four Lymphoma in 1987, Susan Perryman shares there is nothing that will make your head spin faster than hearing the "C" word. She shares this advice, "find prayer, find your spiritual place….it is there for you and it is free." She also suggests, find a place that will give you well-rounded care as she has found at HospiceCare. She says, "It is so important to have emotional, nutritional, spiritual and medical support…all in one."

At the time she was battling the disease of Lymphoma and raising a family as a single mother, Susan worked for Revlon where she was recognized as the "Golden Girl", the first woman consultant in her division ranking #1 for many years. After a long struggle and with only six months to live, she had no where to call home. HospiceCare of Southeast Florida was there for her and welcomed her as a resident at Bougainvilla, an eight-bed hospice facility in Ft. Lauderdale, provides housing and care to individuals who are not able to remain at home. It was a long and hard journey but she now states, "She has found a home and a family."

"One of the proudest moments in my life is the day the HospiceCare staff donated a brick in my honor," sincerely states Susan, "I will never forget that moment." Susan’s brick is the only one with a heart located in the walkway along Bougainvilla.

Her warm heart and countless hours of giving have been graciously appreciated by HospiceCare.

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