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Tuesday January 28, 2020

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May 2008 - Volume 4 - Issue 11




Hospice Shining Stars Take New Nurses Under their Wings

In today’s nursing world much attention is paid to the current nursing shortage. However, very little is said about the problem of lateral violence in the workplace. This is the situation where the newer nurses entering the clinical setting are being eaten up by the veteran nurses. With nursing ratios still challenging many clinical settings, we as the clinical leaders must ensure that new nurses entering the clinical setting are not only welcomed but supported and encouraged.

My recommendation is really a challenge to all nurse leaders and clinical managers to possibly adopt the concept of "Adopt a new nurse under your wing". New nurses must already be entering the work force with their own fears and anxieties, why not encourage a clinical environment that protects and mentors them? If each clinical manager adopted a new nurse and mapped out a clear mentoring plan, the nurse would understand up front what will happen and when. Every nursing setting whether acute care, home care, or hospice has shining stars. Who best to promote a safe and positive environment for your new charges?

As clinical leaders and managers it is incumbent upon us to ensure that the future nursing leaders begin their nursing careers positively and hopefully they will pay it forward.

Bernadette Saunders-Diaz, Clinical Team Manager, HospiceCare of Southeast Florida, can be reached at or (954) 467-7423.
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