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Tuesday February 18, 2020

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June 2008 - Volume 4 - Issue 12




Hurricane Preparedness in Hospitals

As part of your disaster recovery preparation, it is important to ensure that your hospital has an alternative form of communication that links to other hospitals, local Emergency Operations Center (EOC), Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and Fire/Rescue.*

Global Satellite USA recommends using Satellite Communications as an alternative communication system when the power fails that can either work independently or in conjunction with your current systems. There are a number of different options from a small handset to a PBX solution.

Global Satellite Engineering has developed its own customized hardware solutions such as the MCG-108 Iridium Satellite PBX, which is a self contained IP PBX. This means it is capable of working independently of any other phone system. You can connect any IP phone directly into the satellite PBX and then receive and make phone calls. You can even set up voicemail, extensions, intelligent call routing, call waiting, call retrieval, three-way calling, conference bridging and many other PBX features. There are pin numbers to allow access according to your management status, so that senior executives have priority over junior staff. The MCG-108 8-channel gateway is completely seamless to switch from a regular PBX system to a satellite network. The process is entirely automatic for outbound calls, while inbound calls must be rerouted through your current telecom carrier.

For a smaller communication system that would be ideal for a doctor or a department, Global Satellite USA is recommending the Disaster Recover Kit (DRK). The DRK is a low-cost satellite terminal that can be functional in a matter of minutes. Emergency staff simply needs to connect the Explorer 500 satellite unit to take advantage of existing phone and laptops for sustaining communication. The Explorer 500 connects quickly with a Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) satellite, providing communication anywhere in the world, even when cell phone connection is either non-existent or very poor. This small system will permit direct links with affiliated medical facilities, enabling coordination of emergency transport for patients or medical supplies, maintaining continuity of accounting data with insurance carriers and assuring ongoing coordination with vendors for critical supply chain items. The system will also enable the transmission of video imagery and medical reportage to key agencies, assuring the data flow of corporate information until normal land-line phone service is restored, allowing users to speak through phone simultaneously while the data flow is underway through the same satellite table-top satellite terminal. Global Satellite USA customers can choose to buy this equipment or opt for a rental package during hurricane season.

The third option is the 9505A Iridium handheld telephone that can be used just like a regular cell phone when the power is out and no cell phone connections are operable. With an optional adapter you can connect to your laptop and transmit and receive emails. The battery provides 30 hours of standby time and 3.2 hours of talk time. The 9505A is water, shock and dust resistance for rugged environments. This easy-to-use handheld is available to purchase or you can take advantage of a special hurricane rental contract.

For more information, contact CEO Martin Fierstone at (954) 462-1245 or visit the Global Satellite website at

* Source: CEO Checklist of Louisiana Hospital Association.

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