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Thursday October 18, 2018

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October 2011 - Volume 8 - Issue 4



ICD-10 Online Training: An Effective Way to Keep Your Medical Coding Career on Track

All medical coders will need to start preparing for ICD-10. With hundreds of thousands of coders who will need in depth training, along with the very severe shortage of ICD10 trainers, on-line education in ICD10 is becoming the prominent methodology for training coders.
The online program you select to purchase for ICD10 training should have a very comprehensive and robust curriculum including anatomy, physiology, medical terminology and of course all the new coding methodologies. It will be very important to select a training program that first assesses the coder’s ability in each subject area in order to ensure the coder is receiving a thorough education and preparation for ICD10.
Don’t under estimate the importance of Anatomy and Physiology
It is very important for coders to brush up on Anatomy and Physiology even though they may feel they have a strong knowledge base. Under ICD10, the level of detail required in anatomy is intense and much more precise, thus more time will be required in studying those areas again. This means that the estimates given by many authorities projecting that coders will require 50 to 80 hours of training for ICD10 is probably low and much more training will be required than anticipated. It also means that coders will have to start their ICD10 training earlier than expected. It will take at least a year or more for them to learn and get used to all the information they will need to learn.
Because of ICD10, you will also find that coders will have to specialize and handle fewer areas because of the knowledge required for Anatomy and Physiology and the increased time that will be spent in coding properly under ICD10.
Benefits of ICD-10 Online Training
With ICD-10 online training, coders can learn when and where they want. They can receive the flexibility to learn the new codes from the comfort of home, while they keep their current job. You can study 100% online and further your education on your terms. Take your time and fully comprehend the new codes. With an online class, coders will have the benefit of creating their own study schedule. Also, with on-line training, this will help make it more accessible for people to enter the coding industry as there is a severe shortage of coders.
Selecting the right on-line ICD10 School
The on-line school that a coder selects should have a very thorough curriculum, have the ability to assess where you need to focus and improve, but most importantly, prepare the coder to become certified as an ICD10 coder. The coder should finish their on line course with the ability to apply what they learned in a practical manner. There are many courses offered by companies in the online market that are just not detailed enough to prepare coders, thus the buyer of on-line education needs to do their diligence before selecting.
It is very important to properly select the right on-line program that will prepare the coder for the most difficult of certification exams and also to be ready to code for ICD10 effectively on the job. How robust an educational program’s courses should be a key component for evaluating an ICD10 on-line school.

Ira E. Shapiro is CEO of International Alliance Solutions Inc. For more information, call (646) 526-7867 or visit

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