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December 2007 - Volume 4 - Issue 6




I.T. Tip of the Month! - How a $50.00 Battery Backup Can Save You Hundreds

Your office is busy. Patients are waiting, people are on the phone making appointments or asking for documents. You are in the middle of preparing a document or e-mail and suddenly the power "blinks" just long enough that your computer goes down. Your data is lost and everything comes to a brief, but annoying halt. In the interim, old fashion paper can be used but then everyone has to go back and re-enter everything. How much did that cost in time lost and aggravation? It may not sound like much until you multiply it by everyone in your office and that can add up to a lot of money in no time.

We suggest you purchase a battery backup known as an UPS (Un-interruptible Power Supply). The UPS maintains power to critical loads during power outages since it has a battery as a secondary source of power and will prevent it from going down. Depending on how much equipment needs to be plugged in, the price can range from $49.95 and up for most PCs. Larger units are available and, in our opinion, are mandatory for companies on any type of multi-workstation network. They can be purchased at most electronic stores such as CompUSA, Best Buy, or Circuit City. NIA Technologies also carries a complete line of them. Please call us at (954) 255-2003 and we'll make sure you get the correct size, deliver it, and set it up.

Bob Kristal is President of NIA Technologies.
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