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Tuesday December 10, 2019

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July 2007 - Volume 4 - Issue 1



Idle Assets: Donate, Dumpster or Dollars? helps healthcare facilities convert idle assets into dollars

Virtually every hospital faces the challenge of having unused and unwanted assets collecting dust throughout the facility. The choices for disposing of these idle assets include donating them or throwing them in a dumpster. Neither alternative improves the bottom line. has a unique solution to turn idle assets into dollars. The Ft. Lauderdale-based Internet company hosts the world’s largest website for buying and selling medical equipment.

"Our goal is to help our customers generate revenue and save money by streamlining idle asset management. We have invested significant resources into developing a product that helps improve the financial performance of healthcare facilities. We want every hospital to maximize their return on every transaction. Within thirty days, most of our member hospitals have generated significantly more revenue selling idle assets than the cost of our annual service," says Vincent Baratta, President and CEO. is the first website dedicated to liquidating idle assets through its Sell-It! Showcase Premium Plus program. By utilizing the Sell-It! Showcase service, hospitals can display as many pieces of unwanted equipment and supplies that they want to sell or transfer. An exclusive feature of this service is Progressive Access which allows materials management departments to decide which products are seen by selected customer groups.

In February 2007, a South Florida hospital listed 45 products. Over a three month period, 38 items were sold netting the hospital $34,120 in revenue and $12,280 in products transferred to a related facility at a cost of $1,248. Because is not an auction site and charges no commissions on sales or transfers, hospitals are free to negotiate price with prospective buyers.

Healthcare facilities can boost productivity within Materials Management departments because medical equipment brokers and buyers are directed to the hospital’s Sell-It! Showcase on instead of frequent direct contact on the phone with staff. provides live customer service support during the setup of a hospital’s customized Sell-It! Showcase. Each hospital is assigned a dedicated Customer Service Representative (CSR) who monitors account and listing status, consults with the hospital and provides on-going training for new and existing employees. is a high-traffic Web site which generates leads for unwanted assets almost immediately. Organically ranked #1 on Google for the keyword "medical equipment," the website attracts thousands of buyers weekly. Google’s rankings show that it is the most relevant website in the world for medical equipment and supplies. provides an effective solution to the challenge of idle asset management within healthcare facilities whether you want to sell or transfer your assets.

For more information, call (888) 502-2800 or visit
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