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Thursday August 6, 2020

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November 2010 - Volume 7 - Issue 5


Iím on Facebook, Now What?

In past articles we’ve talked about the importance of expanding the reach of your employment brand though social media to connect with candidates you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to. With Facebook as one of today’s most popular social networking sites, savvy companies are using this outlet to connect with potential candidates and share information about their organization and culture. But how are they doing it? Say your company creates a Facebook profile. Great; now what? A neglected and lifeless Facebook page can hurt your company more than it can help it; so it is important to create a strategy that engages potential candidates and keeps them coming back for more. With time a luxury many of us don’t have, creating a schedule of new updates is important to help you stay on track. If daily updates are not feasible, aim for at least three new updates per week. For a careers-focused Facebook page, you can talk about open positions, offer information about your culture, or even talk about the benefits of working there. If you have a more general company Facebook profile, be sure to still include employment information. You should be offering inside information as to why you are a great place to work. If possible include photos of your work environment or employee-focused events. It’s not an uncommon problem to struggle with ideas for your updates. If that happens, ask your employees why they would recommend working there; that is the information potential candidates are looking for. For those of you who simply don’t the time or resources to run a Facebook page, you can always outsource your social media management to companies like Jobing, who can manage your communications while working with you to strengthen your employment brand.

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