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Sunday June 13, 2021

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April 2018 - Volume 14 - Issue 10

ImageFIRST Helps Enhance Patient Experience

As the largest and fastest growing provider of healthcare laundry services to medical practices throughout the continental United States and Puerto Rico, ImageFIRST has 36 locations and over 800 trained associates including locations in Miami and Ft. Myers.

“We focus on areas of the hospital or outpatient facilities where quality and patient care really seems to matter,” says Jay Juffre, executive vice president of the family owned company.
One of its competitive edges is not only what they do but how they do it, notes Juffre.
“In addition to our quality products, we employ Customer Advocates to manage the linen program for our customers,” he explains. “What we deliver is the linen and scrubs but the way that we do it and approach things is more unique because of the two things we offer: quality products and quality people who are part of our Customer Advocacy program.”
Each Customer Advocate is dedicated to a customer on an ongoing basis, and supports that facility's linen inventory needs at all times. This comprehensive advocacy service safeguards your facility so negative impressions never affect your quality of care.
The Customer Advocate:
• Delivers responsive and accountable service that never compromises quality of care
• Helps streamline linen inventory management and makes ongoing recommendations for increased efficiency
• Ensures on-time delivery of clean, properly sanitized linens and apparel
• Delivers Same-Day Linen Rescue when there’s an increase in patient load and more supplies are required
“Our Customer Advocate really does make a difference compared to our competitors who just drop off and picks up scrubs and linen,” says Juffre.
ImageFirst recently introduced its new fully-managed Scrub and Lab Coat Inventory Process. Without an efficient inventory process in place, your laundry services can spiral out of control. Ever have a shortage of scrubs or lab coats? Or maybe even a surplus of oversized gowns? All of these disorganized laundry services can be a threat to your practice. ImageFIRST takes control of your inventory process to help it run more smoothly and to ensure you never run out of clean linens or scrubs again.
“We take proactive action to make sure your facility never runs out of scrubs,” says Juffre.
All of ImageFIRST scrubs and lab coats contain UHF RFID chips for accurate tracking. This helps them manage the program completely so the Customer Advocates can scan the clean garments on site after making a delivery. This information is then sent automatically to the key contacts at the facility so they know that they have enough scrubs to get them through to the next delivery.
By implementing a UHF RFID chip in each lab coat and pair of scrubs, they can help you keep track of who borrowed scrubs, when and whether they were returned, and what sizes were taken. This process helps to avoid shortages, minimizes loss, and helps keep an accurate inventory.
“We also scan the soiled scrubs and linens with our UHF RFID technology,” says Juffre. “That information is sent back to our plant so we know what to send back to the hospital or outpatient facility once the scrubs or lab coats are laundered. This process allows our customers not to worry about running out of scrubs and instead to focus solely on their patients.”
Additionally, ImageFIRST’s exclusive Triple BioShield Protection features a wash process ensuring that the scrubs and linens are sanitized, before they are coated with a protective, bacteria-inhibiting softener and wrapped in plastic to ensure in-transit cleanliness. All scrubs are hand-inspected to ensure optimal appearance.
Juffre adds that ImageFIRST also offers customers a ScrubVAULT System, an easy-to-use cabinet with a compact footprint which was first tested at the University of Miami. It securely stores, dispenses and tracks distribution of scrubs, giving customers full visibility of their inventory and usage.
“It allows full accountability for the scrubs being used and by whom,” says Juffre. “It’s a great solution to manage your inventory and it also relies on UHF-RFID technology which is beneficial to us and more beneficial to the customers. It’s all part of the comprehensive scrub program we have in place. It frees your staff to focus more on patients and patient care and that is what we are all about.”

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