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Friday February 28, 2020

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August 2014 - Volume 11 - Issue 2




Is Your Company Culture Costing You Money?

Have you heard about CHG Healthcare Services?
They are a healthcare staffing company that has been featured on the Fortune Top 100 Places to Work List and in Training Magazine’s Top Training Hall of Fame.
How did they do this?
They constantly solicit feedback from both customers and employees. They use employee engagement studies to create and foster the culture that has lead to their incredible growth and success.
At CHG, they feel: “Without feedback, we invent our own reality.”
And that is the critical issue. If employees are too scared to give their managers feedback, how is the company going to innovate and grow?
How comfortable are your employees giving and receiving feedback?
When employees aren’t empowered enough to give feedback they eventually end up with a CYA mindset and make decisions to preserve their job, not better the company.
In a culture where employees are scared to give feedback, mistakes get covered up and never fixed. Some areas of the business aren’t properly scrutinized because those in charge of that area are able to operate in the dark, where their jobs feel safe, instead of bringing it all out into the light, where the company will prosper.
Employees are scared to give and receive feedback so innovations are never seen, or worse, passed on because the fear of change is so great.
There are times where we find a CFO or CIO that is ready to really understand their telecom invoices and let us discover ways to save their company money but the employees “on the ground” try to block the light from shining on this difficult to understand area.
We understand their hesitation, but the truth is that it isn’t their fault. Telecom carriers make invoices opaque for a reason – they don’t want you to comprehend them.
You need to fight back by shedding some light on these invoices. Don’t let your company culture cost you money, let openness and transparency save it for you.
Ken Reda, Managing Partner, Profit Advisory Group, leads the Operations and Audit teams. He loves to save you money and prides himself on finding savings other auditors miss. Check out PAG’s online resource section at
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