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August 2015 - Volume 12 - Issue 2




Jackson Health Foundation CEO Moving Organization Forward

Jackson Health Foundation CEO Keith R. Tribble has worked in sports and athletics for most of his career. The native Miamian served as the CEO of the Orange Bowl Committee in Miami for 13 years and helped land the game in the Bowl Championship Series leading to today’s College Football Playoff rotation. He later joined the University of Central Florida as its executive vice president and director of athletics, a position he held for five years. Tribble also served as the senior associate athletic director at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

It was these credentials, both in the world of business and sports, combined with his connection to the Miami-Dade community which Jackson Health Foundation serves, that played a role in his hire as CEO at the foundation last fall. Making the transition to healthcare was not an issue for Tribble who calls the skillset as the same in most industries.
“You have to be able to create relationships, fundraise or generate revenue, and find a way to build,” Tribble says.
After being away from South Florida for seven years, Tribble, a graduate of Miami Killian Senior High School who later played offensive guard for the University of Florida, relished the opportunity to come back home. “This was something that would give me a chance to give back to this community. Healthcare is something that touches all of our lives and particularly here in Dade County.”
As Jackson Health Foundation continues its transformation over the next few years, Tribble will play a critical role in supporting its growth and continued success. The foundation serves as the fundraising arm of Jackson Health System. Tribble knew the foundation had been doing great work for nearly 25 years. But he was pleasantly surprised to see that it had made some inroads in generating philanthropic dollars.
“When I came onboard last year, I felt that we needed to look at what had been done in the past and continue to build on that success,” he says. “I saw that there were opportunities here that could really propel us to the next level.”
Despite Jackson Health Foundation’s past success in fundraising, Tribble cautions that you never could raise enough money. “The ability to continue to raise money or generate revenue always keeps you up at night. But we are fortunate to have a wonderful board of directors and a great philanthropic community. There are so many needs within Jackson Health System and its centerpiece, Jackson Memorial Hospital, including infrastructure improvements, new equipment and programs to help patients as they come through the system. Fortunately, voters in the area approved a public financing plan for our ambitious building campaign.”
This plan includes more than 200 proposed projects as part of a $1.4 billion building plan, including new construction of urgent care centers and infrastructure improvements to Jackson’s main campus and its satellite hospitals in North Miami Beach and South Miami-Dade. $830 million in public financing was approved by voters in the fall of 2013, and an additional $550 million will be generated by the public hospital network and other sources.
“We want to make sure that there is not only affordable health care but quality and first class healthcare that the citizens of Miami-Dade County and those who come to Jackson deserve,” says Tribble.
As a leader, several lessons that Tribble draws from his past were from learning and watching his parents. His father was a football coach in Dade County and his mother was a school teacher who both stressed the importance of education and always doing things the right way to become good students and ultimately productive citizens. Then as he grew older, whether it was coaches or business leaders who took Tribble under their wings, they all had the same basic DNA—wonderful people with great intentions who believed in creating great long-lasting relationships, working extremely hard, and giving back to the community.
“I learned this at an early age and was fortunate to carry it on through my life and it really made me what I am today,” says Tribble. “As an athlete, I also learned that the culmination of teamwork, drive, success and fear of failure tends to make you successful. These are some of the things I could point to that kept me on the drive to success during my career.”
Tribble takes great pride in that he was born and raised in Miami-Dade County and was also born in Jackson Memorial Hospital. His strong love for this community is undeniable.
“To continue to help make it the great community that it is, I want to do my part and make a difference,” he says. “That’s how I wake up every day—trying to make a difference in someone’s life and if I can accomplish this and make a difference, I am satisfied.”
He also hopes to make a difference for Jackson Health Foundation. His priority, he notes, is to takethe foundation to the next level and help raise the funds necessary to continue providing outstanding healthcare and outstanding opportunities for not only the citizens of South Florida, but those seeking quality healthcare.
“That’s our role. We won’t stop until we do that,” he says. “That’s the blueprint we want to leave. We want people to be a part of us and to be a part of building this opportunity for the foundation to get stronger and provide better opportunities in terms of healthcare for the citizens.”
As he looks ahead to the foundation’s future, Tribble is excited about its path.
“We are in the midst of working on our strategic plan now and part of that plan is trying to set ourselves apart as one of the preeminent healthcare foundations of the country,” he says. “We have a great product here in the Jackson Health System. It’s one of the largest healthcare systems in the country and as a teaching hospital; we have a fantastic partnership with the University of Miami. We strive for excellence and strive to be great. We wake up every day knowing that average is not an option. We have to strive to be the best we can be.”

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