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Thursday October 18, 2018

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March 2012 - Volume 8 - Issue 9




Jupiter Medical Center Announces Clinical Trial Partnership with Opko Health, Inc. of Jupiter

Jupiter Medical Center’s Clinical Research Department is pleased to announce a joint venture with OPKO Health Incorporated that involves lung patients and a revolutionary lung cancer biomarker clinical research trial. Qualifying participants will be those undergoing a diagnostic lung biopsy or surgery as prescribed by their surgeon or pulmonologist.
Jupiter Medical Center’s Clinical Research Department will screen patients, obtain consent for participation, and then provide OPKO Health with qualifying blood specimens for the clinical trial. The clinical trials are a tremendous benefit to cancer patients in the community, eliminating the long distance travel required to engage in a trial with other cancer centers. These clinical trials provide patients with treatment options not otherwise available.
OPKO Health Incorporated is a new biotech company that came to Jupiter this past year. OPKO has developed technology that detects specific antibodies of cancers and other diseases. They plan to open the research trial to at least 200 patients. The development of accurate and reliable blood tests to diagnose cancers could have a profound effect on disease outcome.
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