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Monday January 20, 2020

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May 2008 - Volume 4 - Issue 11




Kindred Nurses: Making a Difference

At Kindred Ft. Lauderdale, our nurses do make a difference everyday in the lives of our patients and their families. And, probably more often than not, nurses do not realize and will never know the lasting impact they leave on the lives they touch as they go about their daily work.

Each of our medically complex patients and their families are coping with critical illness and uncertain futures. A comforting hand, a listening ear, a smile, words of encouragement and support, and a caring attitude are just as important as the technical skills and knowledge required to care for our patients and improve their quality of life.

As nurses care for those in need, we also need to remember to show that same caring and support for each other. Aside from the stresses inherent in our profession, each nurse has personal/family issues to cope with in their private lives that are put on hold while caring for patients and families. Letís not forget to bring the same sense of caring we provide for our patients and families to our fellow care givers. Working together and supporting each other we improve the quality of our own lives as well.

Valerie Mallette, Chief Nursing Officer, Kindred Ft. Lauderdale, can be reached at
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