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November 2008 - Volume 5 - Issue 5


Hampton Inn Provides $50,000 of LEAP-MRT Testing Free to High-Profile Athletes to Promote Healthy Diets for all Americans is encouraging Americans to live healthy lifestyles by providing $50,000 of FREE tests to high profile athletes. Having high-profile Athletes and Individuals like current and former NFL, MLB, and NBA players helps raise the awareness of the effectiveness of the tests. Additionally, has the support of many high profile Doctors such as Dr. Marion D. Thorpe, M.D., MPH – Florida’s Former Chief Medical Officer and current Congressional Candidate – who applaud our company’s goals. Dr. Thorpe remains a leader in the healthcare sector and understands LabSafe’s objective to help drive down the cost of quality healthcare nationally while simultaneously making Americans more aware of how to live healthier lives" notes Ed Estriplet, Jr., CEO of is a national direct-to-consumer laboratory testing company based in Hollywood, Fla. For more than five years, LabSafe has become the go-to place for affordable screening medical tests. With more than 7,000 partnership drawing stations across the country, the service is convenient, confidential and can assist patients with screening and diagnostics while remaining under the care of their personal primary physicians. "Our role will never be to take the place of the primary care physician," says Estriplet.

"We provide direct service to consumers that are 40 to 60 percent less expensive than traditional laboratories, and this is especially useful for physicians whose patients may not have insurance or have high deductibles. These draw stations are staffed by certified phlebotomists, are certified at the federal and state levels, and are approved by the FDA. There’s no waiting for an appointment, blood draws are done by licensed professionals and all the information is strictly confidential."

LabSafe offers hundreds of types of screening, from cancer and diabetes to nutrition and infectious diseases, all of which are listed on the company’s website at LabSafe and the LEAP-MRT program can enhance the performance of athletes and all Americans with a simple test and individualized dietary program.

"We are able to perform better every day when we know how some foods can cause adverse reactions in our bodies," says Estriplet. A simple test provided by is helping individuals nationwide understand more about the effects of their diets. The decision to provide the test free to high-profile athletes was to enhance public awareness to live healthy lifestyles and the national brand.

Medical research has proven that chronic inflammation in the body can cause many illnesses and can decrease physical performance. Research has also shown that diet can either elevate systemic inflammation or keep it in check. "Knowing which foods increase inflammation and which foods don't can mean the difference between being symptom-free or being sick, and between being suboptimal or performing at your best," says Estriplet.

LEAP-MRT is an individualized dietary program that helps identify food-based inflammatory reactions and provides an eating plan to help minimize symptoms and maximize athletic performance. LEAP-MRT has several applications in sports medicine: It helps maximize athletic performance, helps athletes maintain proper weight, and optimizes dietary nutrition.

The test, patented in 2001, is part of a series of testing provided by The test and program is named LEAP-MRT (Lifestyle Eating and Performance – Mediator Release Test). "LEAP-MRT is a patient-specific dietary management program that helps individuals focus on which foods work best for their bodies by identifying foods and food chemicals that trigger inflammatory responses," explains Ethan DeMitchell, Director of Professional Services for Signet Diagnostic Corporation, a strategic partner of LabSafe. "This means that individuals can finally know for sure which specific foods they should avoid for optimal health and performance."

Individuals merely log on to to arrange a lab test. Once a person has his or her blood drawn, results are sent back to the individual within 48 to 72 hours. All health information remains under strict confidentiality. "We send them a report generated specifically for them, with a suggested eating plan," says Estriplet. "They also receive dietary support from registered dietitians who are LEAP-certified and who can help them understand how to build the least inflammatory diet possible."

The patented blood test can test reactions to 150 specific foods and food chemicals to determine if any of these substances is triggering an inflammatory response. "The test quantifies the strength of reaction to each tested food substance," explains DeMitchell. "The reaction indicates that chemicals involved in inflammatory processes have been released by immune cells. This in turn works against the person without them being aware. This might mean they feel more sluggish or have slower reactions when playing sports, or they might experience lower energy levels. It could also cause slower recovery time, and contribute to weight imbalance in that they might experience fluid retention or they might have a higher percentage of body fat than if they weren’t eating reactive foods."

DeMitchell notes that athletes who have had the test, and have avoided the foods targeted in the results "…Experienced noticeable physiologic improvements that directly translated to improved performance because their diets weren’t working against them."

Knowing which foods are right or wrong can help the general population as well as athletes. For instance, diseases such as Migraine headaches, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia often have a symptom-provoking dietary component. "So offers testing that is applicable in both traditional and sports medicine," says Estriplet.

Although there are other tests that are used in a similar manner, DeMitchell says LEAP-MRT is a better choice because it is more accurate and because it identifies a greater range of reactions. "Chemical mediator release is the most important aspect in determining which foods are safe and which foods aren’t. If inflammatory mediators are being released, their effects will be experienced in some form. Independent studies have shown that the Mediator Release Test is able to identify which foods are triggering mediator release more accurately than any other test on the market."

"Once a person has had the test, they have all the tools necessary to put together an effective dietary management program tailored to their food reactions and their food preferences" explains Estriplet. "It gives them concrete information about the foods they should be avoiding and those they should be eating so their bodies perform better."

Although medical doctors are aware that diet plays a critical role in many illnesses, many times they find it difficult to manage the dietary component. "This is why people with conditions like Migraine headaches, Irritable bowel Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia continue to suffer," DeMitchell says. " offers these and other food sensitivity sufferers a tangible solution that can put them in control of their health and give them their lives back." welcomes associations with physicians, employers and other strategic partners nationally. can be reached at 1-888-333-LABS (5227) or visit the company’s website at

. Ed Estriplet, Jr. CEO of LabSafe can be reached directly at 1-866-634-9966 or via e-mail at

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