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Friday September 20, 2019

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February 2019 - Volume 15 - Issue 8




Let's Connect: SFHEF Spotlight

President’s Message

A Look Ahead for 2019
Our theme for this year is “Engagement, Commitment and Connect.”
The 2019 Board of Directors is committed to helping all members get the most out of their memberships and to convince those who are not members to join and become part of the “Healthcare Professionals Movement” in South Florida.
If you are a Senior Healthcare Leadership individual, we want to engage you in two ways in 2019.
First, we encourage you to attend our Education and Networking Events this year to provide your input, wisdom and best practices into the topics presented.
Second, we ask you to provide leadership by example to our Mid-Level, Early careerist and Student Members.
You are the cornerstone of our ACHE team!!!
If you are a Mid-Level or Early Careerist, our events allow you to not only network with your peers, but to meet other members who can provide you with insights into new and inventive products and services to help you meet your professional goals.
And if you are a Student, SFHEF is the place to learn about the real world of healthcare and meet your future employer.
Connect to Network
There is no better time to expand your network. When you get involved with your local ACHE chapter you'll find a number of opportunities to connect with healthcare leaders at every career stage.
Strengthen your leadership skills as you share experiences, challenges and successes with new professional contacts, mentors and friends.
Develop relationships with executives who share your commitment to your community.
Meet local healthcare associates at chapter meetings and events.
Connect to Learn
Now more than ever you need to make the most of every resource to become a more effective professional. Your local ACHE chapter provides a wide variety of educational programs and events –close to home – designed to fit your professional development goals schedule and budget.
Attend your local chapter's educational programs without incurring hefty travel expenses.
Earn ACHE Face-to-Face Education credits that count toward earning or recertifying your FACHE credential.
Make recommendations to your local chapter and receive education on the topics that meet your needs.
Connect to Advance
Whether you're just beginning your career, are in transition, or on the path to earning your FACHE credential, your local ACHE chapter is here to help! Take advantage of the ACHE career management tools and local resources to help you advance to the next level.
Participate in information sessions and study groups for your FACHE credential.
Network with local executives for future opportunities.
Attend local educational programs to earn ACHE credits towards advancement.
Connect to Lead
When you're ready to take on new leadership roles, your local ACHE chapter is ready to support you. Take advantage of volunteer opportunities, career management resources and educational programs –close to home – to develop crucial leadership skills.
Serve on a SFHEF committee or task force.
Volunteer for SFHEF leadership opportunities.
Be recognized as a leader in the community.
Realize the benefits of being an active member. Get involved! Connect with your SFHEF today.
Why will this year be different?
In 2019, 50% of all education events will be for members only. So if you are in the audience and are not a member, I suggest that you speak to one of our board members about joining or go to
And in addition to our standard committees which are listed next to the board member’s names in the program, we are going to have a Task Force charged withPhysician Executive Leadership Developmentbased on new ACHE initiatives.
Healthcare is experiencing a profound transformation. More and more physicians are entering the C-suite as change leaders and strategic decision makers, roles that are vital for physicians to play. Physicians are inherent leaders, but in order to be most effective, physicians need skills that go beyond their clinical expertise.
This will be a terrific opportunity for Physicians to become an integral part of ACHE and SFHEF and we encourage them to join ACHE in 2019.
Thank you all for your continued and future “Engagement, Commitment and Connection” with SFHEF and ACHE and I look forward to serving you and your organization in 2019.

Charles Felix

2019 SFHEF President
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