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Monday August 10, 2020

test 2

August 2020 - Volume 17 - Issue 2

Letter for David Lawerence, Jr. Chair of The Children's Movement of Florida - Recommendations for Child Care and the COVID-19 Challenge

In my 78 years, I have never seen anything like the times in which we are living. Each of us is being tested. May each of us rise to the challenge before all of us.
Our work continues, even as we on The Children’s Movement staff work remotely. Video calls and conference calls are replacing our normal travel across the state. The needs of children and families remain our first focus.
 In that spirit, we’ve put together recommendations for the Florida Department of Education, Department of Health, and the Department of Children and Families all aimed at increasing collaboration and clear public health guidance for all of Florida’s child care providers. They are responsible, as we are, to ensure that the need for child care is balanced with the need to keep families, children and their employees safe. You can read our recommendations here.
Let us appreciate – deeply – all those who work to keep our communities safe. Let us be thankful for all those parents now at home seeking to strike the best possible balance between doing right by their children and doing their “regular work.” Let none of us fail to have the good grace and patience to get through these tougher times. Each of us can emerge from all this with good memories.
Within each of us is the wherewithal to get through this with kindness and good will, these are the times to bring out the best in each of us.
We will get through this together.
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