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March 2009 - Volume 5 - Issue 9




Lice Cleanique, Providing Treatment and Research for a Common Medical Problem

Head lice: a parasitic disease. It isnít a subject that anyone wants to think about, let alone talk about. But if you have patients infested with head lice, it is an important issue. "It is a real medical problem," said Lidia Serrano, Clinical Director and founder of Lice Cleanique.

"Physicians are always a bit surprised when they find out about our head lice removal services. They recognize how difficult and time consuming it is to remove the cemented nits on the hair and how some of the products are not working," she said.

As Lidia explained, "Head lice have become immune to some of the OTC and prescription products. Today, many physicians are referring their patients to our clinics for the removal and treatment of head lice"

The staff at Lice Cleanique are all medical professionals. The technicians are Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) and are very skilled in the removal process. The research team of pediatricians, together with the Clinical Research Coordinators, are always trying to find the most effective and safe products from the pharmaceutical companies to the market. Lidia said, "As we speak, there are several good products that will soon be out on the market. One that is already available is LiceMd OTC which is safe and effective."

Lidia founded Lice Cleanique in 1995 after working and collaborating with the Department of Dermatology at the University of Miami School of Medicine, and the Field Epidemiology Survey Team (F.I.S.T.). This particular department of head lice experts traveled to different parts of Central America to research head lice. Lidia said, "At the same time, we felt that there was a growing problem with head lice in the United States. We completed several research studies indicating evidence of head lice product resistance." One of their studies was published in the Archives of Dermatology, The American Medical Association, titled "A Comparative In Vitro Pediculidal Efficacy of Treatments in a Resistant Head Lice Population in the United States."

According to Lidia, today, Lice Cleanique is recognized as the first head lice treatment and research center in the United States. Lice Cleanique whose original location is in Plantation, Florida has added two more clinics, one in Delray Beach, and the other in Miami.

"We also have a comprehensive head lice screening program where our medical staff are sent to schools to set up head lice screening clinics. Each classroom can be screened without the students missing school." said Lidia. Once head lice are detected, students are not allowed to attend school until they are lice-free. This can result in the loss of several days of classes for many students. "Parents get upset because they donít know much about lice and they donít know how to properly remove them. It is particularly hard when you have siblings passing them back and forth. It is so much easier to just have Lice Cleanique treat and remove the lice." she said.

For more information about Lice Cleanique, LLC, visit or contact (954) 791-0711.
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