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Thursday August 6, 2020

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September 2008 - Volume 5 - Issue 3

MEDsuites—The Innovative and Efficient 21st Century Medical Office Solution

Time and Office Overhead Efficiency. It’s an element vital to all businesses. So why are physicians who are practicing in multiple medical offices being so inefficient? That's just what Alan Benenson and Michael Sher asked when they established MEDsuites. They took an in-depth look at the medical office space market and found that doctors spend too much money on office space that they are not using fulltime; are spending too much on overhead; and have the stress of having multiple fulltime offices. MEDsuites is the innovative new medical office product that allows physicians to lease medical office space in half-day increments to tailor their office time as needed.

Benenson and Sher are professional and medical office developers, and it was while they were working in this capacity that they came up with this thought. As Sher explained, "What we found was that most doctors need multiple locations, but are realizing that having multiple fulltime offices is a large financial burden that they no longer can support because of many variables, including insurance reimbursement changes."

(l-r) Mike Sher and Alan Benenson.

MEDsuites has opened in Hollywood, Fla., near Hollywood Memorial and Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. Medical office space may be leased on a half-day basis, allowing physicians the opportunity to start a practice without incurring considerable start-up expense; allowing established physicians to perhaps open a secondary office in a new area to expand their practice; or allowing older physicians to scale back.

Benenson pointed out, "Most physicians, to increase their patient base, must enter new market areas. The typical way was for a physician to open a new office with all the expenses associated with this. MEDsuites can provide this same function without the huge expense to the physician, because we provide a finished office that can be used hassle-free. A doctor can sign a lease with us for the days and the rooms he needs – that’s it! There is no long-term lease, so their use is extremely cost effective. It literally is a no-brainer for all physicians who need multiple and satellite offices."

Sher further commented, "Our product is simple, the doctor only pays for time used in our facilities. He doesn't have to carry multiple fulltime offices with nothing going on in them when he is not there."

Included in the cost of the lease are such items as interior furnishings, property taxes, utilities, cleaning services, and bio-hazard waste disposal, as well as office support staff who answer the phones and greet patients. Also included are office and general disposable medical supplies. All of the MEDsuites locations have custom interior finishes, and wireless high-speed Internet interface to allow physicians to link into their main networks for patient scheduling, records and billing. All locations are equipped with LCD TVs in exam rooms, and have a doctor's office work room, labs, and access-control, closed-circuit-TV-monitored medical equipment storage/locker rooms.

Another added benefit of the MEDsuites program, according to Sher, is that it gives physicians "the ability to cross-refer and expand their referral network within our system. The patient already knows where the MEDsuite office is and just comes back to that office to see the other referred doctor. This is an effective management tool for the doctor to manage the patient's care. This is good medicine and business all wrapped up in one simple package."

"The MEDsuites concept is to open one location at a time, as demand grows, next to every major hospital—first in Florida, and then take it nationwide," Benenson stated. "Our biggest need is getting known by physicians, and letting the medical world know that this new way of leasing office space is actually available."

After speaking with Benenson and Sher about the MEDsuites product, we could only imagine the huge upside for doctors to be able to utilize these offices by having lower overhead; being able to start or expand and grow current practices; having no out-of-pocket or upfront costs; and finally taking the doctor's office practice set-up into the 21st century regarding time, cost and patient management.

For more information, visit or call 877-EZ4-DOCS (394-3627).
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