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Thursday June 27, 2019

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December 2013 - Volume 10 - Issue 6




Magneto Therapy: Does It Actually Work?

Many physicians are skeptics when it comes to certain types of alternative therapies and magneto therapy is one of them. In some cases, practitioners of magneto therapy have been accused of quackery without providing scientific evidence against the practice.
Just as there have been a number of people claiming that this type of alternative therapy has not been scientifically proven there has been a good number of people claiming that it has not been proven not to work.
What has been proven is that this procedure does not produce side effects. Since many people have reported benefits using this type of therapy, it should be reason enough to recommend magneto therapy as a way to treat many different diseases. Up to now, the only patients that cannot receive magneto therapy are the ones that have implanted pacemakers or pregnant women.
There is a lot of scientific evidence that people with different types of joint pain can get much better when they use magneto therapy. Of course there are many different types of magneto therapy, but specifically I have been working with low frequency magnetic fields for more than 25 years, and it has proven to be a success for the treatment of most types of joint pains, especially for osteoarthritis and low back pain. In my personal experience after treating more than two thousand patients in the central region of Cuba, I can state that in more than 92% of the cases, patients were highly satisfied with the treatment and in many cases they did not need anti-inflammatory drugs for long periods of time. Also, this procedure has shown wonderful results when treating different types of sports injuries and articular traumas, with a positive response in more than 95% of the cases, especially in sprains and strains of the ankle, elbow, and shoulder joints.
As a result of our experiences with low frequency magnetic fields we recently initiated the patent process for a device which we called ARTHROMAG I designed to generate a 15HZ magnetic field with a field density of about 5,000 gauss at the affected joint. ARTHROMAG has been registered as a corporation, and we are offering this product to all Chiropractors and Physical Therapists around the country and even in many Latin American countries. If you were to ask me does magneto therapy actually work? My answer is “It sure does!”

Dr. Hiram Paz, Allied Health Division Professor, Florida National University, can be reached at

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