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Monday August 19, 2019

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November 2011 - Volume 8 - Issue 5




Marcum Healthcare Helps Clients Navigate Industry Change

Mark Fromberg, Lawrence Schimmel, Tighe Shromer, and Kevin Fine

Today’s healthcare industry is struggling with skyrocketing costs, declining reimbursements, conversion to Electronic Medical Records (EMR), the future pay for performance reimbursement methodology, Accredited Care Organizations (ACOs) and a host of uncertainties looming on the horizon.
“Few industries have undergone the change and transformation facing the healthcare industry today,” said Lawrence Schimmel, M.D., managing partner of Marcum Healthcare, a consulting group that recently began operations in South Florida. “However, in the midst of adversity, there is opportunity. Healthcare is like any other business – market changes require a response to remain competitive.”
As a member of the Marcum Group, Marcum Healthcare works in synergy with Marcum LLP, one of the nation’s largest independent public accounting and advisory services firms. With a team of skilled professionals who have hands-on experience in virtually every area of healthcare, the company’s mission is to help both providers and payers successfully transition into the new world of healthcare.
“We have a team of principals, accountants and consultants who all have real-world experience in issues our clients are dealing with today,” said Schimmel, an industry veteran who has been both managing partner of a major surgical practice and chief executive officer of a national healthcare management company. “They have worked on the provider and managed care sides of the business – deep in the trenches, building their knowledge and experience over the years.”
Marcum Healthcare offers a variety of services for both individuals and privately owned companies, including revenue enhancement, regulatory issues and compliance, litigation support, benefit plan design and analysis, technology, informatics, and mergers and acquisitions. Its primary focus will be in South Florida.
The firm will serve physician groups, hospitals, home health organizations, skilled nursing facilities, ambulatory care centers, managed care organizations, investment banker groups or venture capital groups that have investments in healthcare companies, employers and companies that design benefit plans, and other stakeholders in healthcare.
“We are unique because we operate as entrepreneurs with ‘best of breed’ experience,” said Schimmel. “Because of our size, we can serve mid-market providers and payers who can’t afford to be engaged by larger firms. We are scalable, so there’s not a client too big or too small.”
Schimmel noted that in the past, healthcare providers dealt only with the practice of medicine, but now they need to look at the business side as well.
“For example, there are at least 50 different EMR systems available for physicians,” he said. “The question is which one is right for a specific client. We can help physicians select the system that best meets their needs, and then help them readjust their office operations so their practice will not be burdened with additional costs.”

Marcum Healthcare also provides value-added services that help payers reduce costs and provide quality service. For example, mid-sized managed care companies can benefit from receiving claims data informatics, which includes physician, disease and cost profiling. This data can serve as a valuable tool for the company, especially those that do not have a medical economics division.
A Marcum Healthcare consultant, previously a chief medical officer for a Fortune 500 company based in Florida, helped a company significantly reduce employee healthcare costs by developing its own diagnostic center linked in with a university medical center via teleradiology. He also helped them create their own primary healthcare facility for their employees.
According to Schimmel, Marcum Healthcare will look for ways to help bridge the gap between providers, who are struggling with declining reimbursements, and payers, who are faced with burgeoning healthcare costs while trying to provide quality service to their enrollees.
Marcum Healthcare will market its services through outreach to Marcum LLP’s clients in Florida, leveraging relationships created by its consultants through the years and a series of seminars beginning next spring on “hot button” topics.
“Doctors and other providers can’t keep their head in the sand amid today’s changing environment,” said Schimmel. “If they don’t know what’s going on in their practice, they’re behind the eight ball. I would urge my colleagues to read, go to seminars, and best understand the business side of their medical practice.”
For additional information about Marcum Healthcare, contact Dr. Lawrence Schimmel at or (305) 995-9801.
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