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Wednesday April 14, 2021

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July 2011 - Volume 8 - Issue 1


Medi-Dat Streamlines the Path to Help the Tenor Sing

“Asking 'who ought to be the boss' is like asking 'who ought to be the tenor in the quartet … Obviously, the man who can sing tenor." - Henry Ford
If only choosing a hospital leader was based solely on singing skills … Most C-suite officers confide that their trip up the leadership ladder consisted of working full eight hour days to hone their skills, learn the business, identify the facts and ready their analysis for the boss to make the final thumbs up or down decisions. All this in hopes of getting the chance to be a boss him/herself someday and work twelve hours a day! Obviously, time is a valuable commodity in today’s health care world where lean staffs and 60 hour work weeks aren’t abnormal. Days may start with breakfast meetings through lunch, followed by informal buttonhole hallway conversations and evening conferences – all of which need his/her response bright and early the next day. Diligent hospital execs find themselves burning the midnight oil researching and analyzing data to make informed decisions necessary for doctors, planners and marketers all of which ultimately impact patient care.
Bill Sampsel has spent his career creating tools to streamline the research process to make decision making more direct. He founded HealthScope Software Solutions, a company that specializes in the analysis of healthcare-related information which, in Henry Ford’s analogy, helps the tenors sing!
With more than twenty years of experience in the health care information industry, Sampsel has earned the reputation of providing healthcare leaders invaluable information about market research, product (DRG) utilization, strategic health planning, and other important areas in a user friendly suite of cost effective tools. Currently HealthScope products are in use in 200+ hospitals in Kentucky, Ohio, Florida, and expanding into other states.
Medi-Dat, the company’s mainstay product, is a tool that tames the information overload which can easily frustrate any c-suite officer who is overwhelmed with the task of identifying and correlating data from a variety of sources. Medi-Dat is the first online healthcare reporting tool that is specifically designed to be used by busy executives. No programming to learn. No Database fields to know. Just the numbers and the facts. Medi-Dat is a complete analysis solution designed for healthcare business users - not IT techies. From a one page user interface, Medi-Dat delivers powerful ad hoc and multi-dimensional analysis, drill down options, and graphing capabilities.
Whether a planned service launch is based on geography, demographics, quality control issues, availability of specialists, prevalence of a disease entity or the track records of market competitors, Medi-Dat can help identify and correlate data to navigate an evidence-based path to a ‘go or no-go’ decision.
Planners and marketers can click the mouse and predict viability or promotion avenues to ensure a successful new service, while the CFO can identify appropriate charges and reimbursement projections. Quality Assurance folks can observe primary diagnoses, group them into codes and form indicators. Physician administrators can boost physician loyalty and show doctors where potential patients are and plan services accordingly.
Without Medi-Dat access, leaders are faced with either expensive consultative research fees; amassing an in-house cache of staff analysts to create detailed healthcare business intelligence; or, count on their own gut reaction when making decisions. That’s why Bill Sampsel developed a series of healthcare business intelligence tools to help healthcare leaders analyze data that drives performance in their facilities and communities in a concise spreadsheet formulaic content frame which allows leaders to ask the questions, drill down the answers and support their insight for informed decisions.
Combined with his academic prowess, an MBA with an undergraduate degree in Business/Computer Science, and his practical work experience in the hospital information technology arena, Sampsel remains in close contact with his customers and anticipates their needs. In fact, Medi-Dat is used during South Florida Healthcare Executive Forum competitions, where the critical decision support and reporting tools help present solutions to real life issues.
According to Charles Felix, CPA, past president, South Florida Health Care Executive Forum, “Students and faculty use Medi-Dat to present patterns and trends in the South Florida Health Market, and are reviewed with CEO enthusiasm and positive results.”
Felix also links Medi-Dat studies of the top ten patient indicators in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach Counties on the South Florida Hospital News and Healthcare Report website under South Florida Health Report Book.
“Medi-Dat reports are easy to use and what is more important, easy to comprehend mountains of data. The possibilities are endless," according to Felix.
Sampsel summarized, "Spreadsheets changed the way people did data analysis by doing what would take ages in seconds. Our vision is to provide an inexpensive Healthcare Business Intelligence System designed specifically for healthcare executives. We want to give facilities the insight into the factors that are driving their performance. By providing a user-friendly, cost-effective reporting system, we can help healthcare entities improve their business and profitability.”
If you are interested in a powerful, multi-dimensional easy-to use data analysis tool, try a free, confidential 15 day trial of the Medi-Dat software at Health Scope is now an associate member with the American Hospital Association, Member of the South Florida Hospital Association, member of the Florida Society for Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing.
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