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Thursday August 6, 2020

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November 2016 - Volume 13 - Issue 5

Medtel Introduces New Tool to Help Hospitals Proactively Produce Better Outcomes, Increase Efficiency, and Reduce Costs

The transition from fee-for-service to value-based care continues to be one of the greatest changes healthcare providers face today. To survive in this new environment, healthcare institutions are forced to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and provide better outcomes.

Medtel is a New York City-based company which delivers innovative tools that improve a hospital’s ability to provide best-in-class surgical care at reduced costs.
“Our clients credit Medtel’s unique ability to identify the surgical challenges before they arise as critical to their success as they transition to value-based care and bundled payment models,” says Harold Mondschein, CEO and co-founder of Medtel.
Lorraine H. Hutzler, Associate Program Director, The Center for Quality and Patient Safety, agrees with that assessment.
“Our goal is to improve outcomes and value by tying payment to quality performance,” she says. “Medtel is a value based care solution that identifies risk and assists in controlling costs. It is a simple solution to the issues that have come into play with pay for performance. They assisted us in delivering value based care for the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at NYULMC.”
Predicting risks for readmission
To further help its clients improve their ability to provide best-in-class surgical care at reduced costs, Medtel recently introduced Medtel AIM, an acronym which stands for Assigned Intervention Measure. This new tool is a predictive model that helps hospital providers reduce readmissions as well as optimize their patients prior to surgery.
“Our surgeons, case coordinators, and their teams can take the necessary steps to reduce complications, improve outcomes, and in doing so, really increase patient satisfaction,” explains Mondschein. “Medtel provides the earliest opportunity to identify the clinical risk of a procedure.”
In today's environment, Mondschein notes that the role of the case navigator is more important than ever. His company’s customers believe that the earlier they are able to engage a patient, in some cases 2 to 4 months in advance, the higher the probability that the patient will be ready to go home after surgery with a reduced risk of readmission.
“AIM is an incredibly powerful tool for case navigators, surgeons and their care teams to transform what was a post-op challenge into an opportunity for success. Through Medtel’s AIM module, the entire team knows which patients are at risk, identifies the risk factors, and suggests interventions to optimize each patient,” says Mondschein. “For example, a patient with diabetes, can be helped to better manage their blood sugar before their surgery. This helps minimize challenges in the post-acute phase. AIM provides the data analytics to understand which patients are at highest risk, to minimize many of the challenges that happen after surgery. This is better for the patient and critical to provider success in value-based care and bundled payments.”
Simple, proven approach to transforming surgical care
Mondschein says providers are confident that the AIM module generates a significant reduction in readmissions.
Simplicity powered by robust analytics is the key differentiator in which Medtel has been able to distinguish itself in the marketplace. Ease of use makes it simple for the surgical team to adopt the Medtel platform. Before surgery, the case navigators and surgeons are easily able to identify who is at risk with the AIM module so that they can take the appropriate measures to ensure the best possible surgical outcome.
“Medtel provides a simple, proven, integrated approach to producing better outcomes, reducing costs and improving efficiency in the surgical care process. We believe that the AIM module will provide a valuable impact on the post-acute care phase,” says Mondschein.
Robust analytics prior to an event is a powerful tool, he adds.
“Think about the proactive concept in terms of a weather forecast. Knowing when a hurricane is coming is important and sometimes critical to survival,” he says. “The knowledge before the event allows you to prepare - board up the house, check the generator, and/or evacuate. That is what Medtel does for our customers and their patients. We prepare our customers and their patients with the tools necessary to be successful. That is Medtel’s differentiating factor in the surgical care process.”

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