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Sunday January 24, 2021

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January 2009 - Volume 5 - Issue 7

Memorial Hospital Miramar Poised for Success

Memorial Hospital Miramar will celebrate a milestone this year – four years of servicing Miramar and the surrounding communities.

What remains uncertain are the challenges that we will face in the healthcare industry. These may include the emerging trends we have experienced so far, such as the increase in the number of uninsured residents and a rise in cost of healthcare delivery, which industry insiders predict may outpace any other industry.

To meet these challenges, we, at Memorial Hospital Miramar, plan to take advantage of innovative technologies already in place and further redefine operational initiatives that will create efficiencies in the way we deliver care. As a virtual paperless hospital offering bar coding medication, open MRI and 64 Slice CT, we will continue our commitment to outstanding patient safety and service satisfaction.

In fact, Memorial Hospital Miramar was recently awarded the 2008 Summit Award by Press Ganey Associates, Inc. for being a top performer in patient satisfaction. Memorial Hospital Miramar was the only hospital in South Florida, and one of only 12 in the country to be recognized for inpatient satisfaction scores. The hospital was also the recipient of Studer Group’s February (2008) Fire Starter of the Month Award for its commitment to clinical, service and operational excellence. Impressively, Memorial Hospital Miramar ranks among the top hospital nationwide in patient, physician, and employee satisfaction.

These awards are just an indication of the results that Memorial Hospital Miramar has been able to accomplish by maintaining an enthusiastic workforce and an active medical staff who is fully engaged with our mission as a single hospital, as well as, part of the larger Memorial Healthcare System.

Although we expect some very difficult economic times in our industry, our projections reflect that Memorial Hospital Miramar will experience growth in its key patient indicators of surgery, emergency care and outpatient visits.

If history is meant to repeat itself, we remain hopeful of our future at Memorial Hospital Miramar. In its short history, the hospital has made available much needed services to the residents of Miramar and surrounding areas. These services have included neonatal intensive care, with a new Level II NICU that opened in 2007; and pediatric hospitalization, with the opening of a sophisticated, 12-bed Pediatric Inpatient unit. We also offer private patient rooms, a wide range of medical and surgical services, and an Adult Emergency Department, as well as a separate Children’s Emergency Department, affiliated with Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. On the women’s health front, Memorial Hospital Miramar Women’s Center offers digital mammography preformed by board-certified breast imaging technologists, who are certified by the American College of Radiology (ACR). Uterine fibroid embolization (UFE), bone density exams and a host of other outpatient radiology services, including X-rays and CT scans, are just a few of the services offered in a compassionate setting providing family-centered care.

As we move ahead in 2009, we remain humbled and grateful to the Miramar community and surrounding areas for having embraced us, and we are thankful for the many relationships we have formed with area physicians.

Aurelio Fernandez, Administrator, Memorial Hospital Miramar, can be reached at (954) 538-5000.
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