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Friday August 17, 2018

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November 2016 - Volume 13 - Issue 5




Memorial Hospital Pembroke Introducing Uber Collaboration to Make Accessing Care Easier

One of the most common reasons that patients cite for missing or canceling medical appointments is that they don’t have a way to get to the hospital or doctor’s office. To ensure that patients receive the medical care they need, Memorial Healthcare System is collaborating with Uber to provide a new option for accessing care.

“It’s not always easy for patients to get here; many of our patients take taxis or buses, but for some people, that can mean taking three bus rides just to get to a follow-up appointment,” explained Mark Doyle, CEO of Memorial Hospital Pembroke. “When our research showed that one of the most common reasons that people miss appointments and forego treatment is because they don’t have transportation, we decided to look at what we could do to make sure that they could get to their appointments.”
The Memorial Healthcare System decided to collaborate with Uber, a technology platform that connects riders to drivers through its apps. Beginning in November, a Ride with Uber option will be prominently displayed on the Memorial Healthcare System website (, so that patients can quickly and easily find a ride to appointments, get information on wait times and costs, and book a ride. A reminder will automatically be sent from Uber to the patient before his or her scheduled appointment.
“Patients will still be responsible for paying for their ride, but this will provide an easier way for them to get to Memorial Pembroke or any Memorial location,” said Doyle, who estimates that approximately 300 people a month will take advantage of this service.
“We have a challenge here with parking, so being able to access Uber will also alleviate that issue,” he continued, adding that a new parking garage is being constructed on Memorial’s regional campus. “Right now, it can be very difficult to find a spot, so this will make it even more convenient to access care.” Memorial Pembroke is the first hospital in the six-hospital Memorial system to use this innovative technology.
According to Uber South Florida General Manager Kasra Moshkani, this collaboration is the first of its kind in South Florida. “Uber is a reliable option - day and night - regardless of where you need to access care,” she said. “It will ensure that patients never miss an appointment because they don’t have a ride.”
The Memorial system is already using technology to make access to health care easier through its online resources that allow patients to find physicians and schedule appointments. The system has also introduced a new Telehealth initiative called that enables patients to receive non-emergency care from Memorial physicians and affiliated partners. MemorialDOCNOW also can be downloaded as an app in Apple and Android phones.
“Memorial Hospital Pembroke is focused on becoming a premier digital health care organization,” said Doyle. “Our overarching goal is to make technology work for us, and to bridge the gaps between technology and health care to make it more convenient for the patient. Our collaboration with Uber is very exciting, as it provides an even better way for patients to access care.”

To learn more about Memorial Hospital Pembroke, visit or call for a medical appointment at (954) 276-5500.

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