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Tuesday January 28, 2020

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June 2011 - Volume 7 - Issue 12




Miami-Dade County Health Department Office of Vital Records

Chances are, if you were born or have family that has died in Miami-Dade County you have at one time or another requested certified copy of a birth or death certificate from the Office of Vital Statistics in the Miami-Dade County Health Department. Since November 11, 1942 the Office of Vital Statistics in Miami-Dade has been providing public health services to the residents and visitors of our county. The Office of Vital Statistics in Miami-Dade County has two core functions: Review of birth and death records for completeness and accuracy before acceptance as permanent records, prepare and deliver certified copies of Vital Statistics as requested by the public, government and private agencies. In addition, Vital Records Statistics provide vital information for epidemiological surveillance activities related to monitoring the health status and risk factors in Miami-Dade County’s population.

The Office of Vital Statistics issues and records approximately 31,336 birth certificates, and 18, 774 death certificates a year. Prior to 2005 the collection of data in this unit was a manual process; however with the resent advances in computer technology the systems have become automated. Currently, the Vital Statistics Units in Miami-Dade and across the state utilize the E-Vitals Electronic Birth Registration System “EBR” as the mechanism by which births are registered via the internet. This system allows the hospitals birth registrars to electronically enter and register a birth record, and capture and store any required signatures. Similarly, the Bureau of Vital Statistics in currently implementing the e-Vitals Electronic Death Registration System “EDRS across the State of Florida; the system will allow funeral directors to initiate a death registration directly in the state data base reducing the entire registration process from several weeks to just a few days.
The Offices for Vital Statistics in Miami-Dade County are strategically located in South Dade, North Dade and the Health District Center. These offices serve a population of over 2.5 million residents and visitors to Miami-Dade County more than 75 Local Hospitals, 88 Funeral Homes, 2 maternity centers and over 100 Living facilities including Nursing Homes and Hospices in our community. 
Maribel Zayas is Finance Administrator at the Miami-Dade County Health Department. For more information, visit
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