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September 2007 - Volume 4 - Issue 3




Miamiís The Doug Williams Group and Atlanta's ApolloMD Form Strategic Alliance

New arrangement allows both firms to provide clients with wider range of services

Miami, meet Atlanta. Atlanta, meet Miami.

The Doug Williams Group, a Miami-based performance improvement consulting firm that specializes in customer service, employee satisfaction, and profitability improvement in healthcare and other industries, has formed a strategic alliance with ApolloMD, an Atlanta-based provider of emergency and anesthesia physician services. The decision by these longtime major players in the healthcare arena to partner will benefit clients of both firms, who now have access to the full range of services offered by each.

"At The Doug Williams Group, our focus is to help companies achieve tangible outcomes through practical tools and strong implementation assistance," says Doug Williams, president, whose firm has been responsible for dramatic results and turnarounds at dozens of hospitals.

"ApolloMD is a physician-owned and operated firm that has been providing quality physician services for more than 25 years. Their unique combination of a performance-based compensation model, skilled and dedicated leadership at both the administrative and hospital level, and the recruitment and retention of top-quality board-certified physicians has allowed them to achieve remarkable turnarounds and tremendous success in every hospital they serve."

ApolloMD, he notes, specializes in two key areas: providing emergency physician services and anesthesia services. "On the emergency side," says Williams, "ApolloMD has a core group of more than 450 medical directors, board-certified emergency physicians and mid-level practitioners who work with hospitals every day. They treat more than 1.6 million patients a year, manage high volume emergency departments, reduce patient wait times and create high levels of patient satisfaction."

In the anesthesia area, he says, ApolloMD's board-certified anesthesiologists and anesthetists provide high quality services to both hospitals and ambulatory care centers.

A Unique Approach to Physician Recruitment and Retention

One of the keys to ApolloMD's success is its three-part approach to physician recruitment and retention that addresses quality of life, top income and ownership. The ApolloMD model gives physicians control and choice over their work schedules, which improves their quality of life. Since physicians determine when and how often they want to work, this model accommodates physicians who want to work twenty shifts a month as well as those who prefer to work six shifts a month.

ApolloMD also uses a 100% performance-based compensation model, through which group physicians share in ApolloMD revenue, regardless of seniority or patients' ability to pay. Revenue from services at all facilities are distributed equitably throughout the group based on the percentage of billed charges. At ApolloMD, all physicians are immediate partners in a clinically democratic group. Each has the opportunity to become owners in the assets of their practice by electing to purchase shares in the holding company.

Continuing education is another benefit ApolloMD offers its physicians. Because the firm realizes the importance of exceptional physician leadership, it has established the ApolloMD Leadership Academy, a collaborative effort with top-tier academic institutions, through which physicians can increase their knowledge of clinical and operational best practices. Through the Academy, benchmarking, metrics and practical, real-world expertise are combined to improve hospital performance.

A Match Made in South Florida

Williams says the client benefits related to a relationship with ApolloMD began when the Atlanta firm became active in the South Florida Hospital and Healthcare Association in the South Florida market. "We have a need for top quality providers of ED physician services, and many of our clients in South Florida and in other parts of the country were unhappy with the performance of other groups," he recalls. "An engagement with ApolloMD was a big part of a very significant improvement in ED performance for one of our clients in Alabama. Seeing the results they achieved impressed us and motivated us to offer their services to our other clients on a nationwide level."

He adds that, "Since we are in the same market, we are looking for new client opportunities for each other. At The Doug Williams Group, we consider 'bringing value' to our clients the foundation of the relationship we have with our clients. So, when we identify a trusted, high integrity firm like ApolloMD that has a superior record of performance, we want our current and future clients to know about that resource. This is one of the ways we bring added value to the client relationship."

Williams says ApolloMD's capabilities gives The Doug Williams Group the ability to analyze and improve any aspect of the physician provider group in the ED setting, including clinical practice, billing processes, physician leadership, and more. He also notes that the alliance has "changed the way The Doug Williams Group works in the ED environment," an impressive feat considering the long track record of dramatic successes Williams and his staff have achieved for their hospital clients over the years.

"We have changed the way we work in the ED environment, in that we now look more broadly at all of the factors that affect ED performance, including the performance of the physician group," says Williams.

Benefiting Clients with a Full Range of Service

The Doug Williams Group began focused marketing to hospitals in several southeastern states earlier this year and will increase marketing activity by combining the resources of The Doug Williams Group and ApolloMD.

"The entire idea is to bring benefits to clients," says Williams. This means that the team of The Doug Williams Group and ApolloMD will be able to completely address all the factors that affect ED performance to reduce wait times, improve patient satisfaction, improve patient flow, and ensure excellent clinical outcomes."

For more information, contact Shazmin Bhanji, Vice President of Business Development of The Doug Willliams Group, at or (305) 598-9880. The firm's website is at
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