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Tuesday December 11, 2018

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April 2013 - Volume 9 - Issue 10




Mount Sinai Launches Women’s Centered Care Program

Recognizing that women have unique healthcare needs that they often push aside to meet the demands of family and work, Mount Sinai Medical Center recently launched a new program to make it easier for women to get the care they need, when they need it. Mount Sinai Medical Center recently celebrated International Women’s Day with the inauguration of a new Women’s Centered Care Program. Designed to meet the specific healthcare needs of women, this program will make it easier for female patients, and their family, to access the excellent medical care that Mount Sinai provides.
The program features a multidisciplinary network of physicians and healthcare professionals who understand these needs and work together to optimize women's health and well-being. This dedicated team will provide diagnosis, treatment and support services that are tailored to each individual patient. Key physicians in the program are trained in gender-specific medicine to fully understand the unique medical challenges that women often face.
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