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Thursday August 13, 2020

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July 2011 - Volume 8 - Issue 1


Much Ado About Agitation!

Our 11-year-old washing machine JUST survived an 8-day visit from Josh and our grandkids Kenzie and Karter. And I say JUST, because JUST as Carol loaded the last sandy towel on the last day of their visit, it JUST died!

Well of course, Carol’s first reaction was to get it fixed while mine was to go shopping. And for once, Carol listened to reason. A washing machine with over a decade’s worth of use definitely didn’t justify a $60 service call plus parts and labor even to her.
So off we went on our shopping spree. (I use the term “spree” loosely. Carol doesn’t “spree” anything, let alone shopping.)
We were both in for quite the education. It seems brightly-colored front loaders are the only way to go – at least, according to the 3 unsuspecting salesmen we encountered. And yes, they look really cute perched on their little pedestals (an extra charge naturally). But like the shopping iceberg she is, Carol froze these guys in their tracks with her list of “must-haves,” or should I say “don’t needs.” She quickly explained our garage is our laundry room – no bright colors needed. Our washer/dryer is already on an elevated platform – no pedestals needed. And finally, Carol prefers top loaders with dials – no jazzy front loaders with plastic push buttons on her list.
At this point, one poor guy nearly shook in his boots as he pointed out she might like to entertain the idea of a machine with no agitator in the middle to conserve water (and enter the 21st century.) While Carol considered this possibility (and I thought about dodging her next bullet), I actually stumbled over a possibility in the back of the store - a white top loader, no agitator, high-efficiency, with dials, no pedestals even remotely available. And under our (her) budget, even if I do have to return with the receipt to get an additional 10 percent off when the sales starts next week.
But do you know what the best part of this whole outing was … washing machines are usually located in close proximity to Hardware which leads to tools … need I say more?
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