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Thursday October 17, 2019

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September 2019 - Volume 16 - Issue 3




Navigating the Road Ahead in Florida for Florida Hemp and CBD

Based on the high-demand for CBD across the United States and incredible industrial uses of hemp, we're all optimistic for the future of Florida's farmers. Our Commissioner of Agriculture believes this will be a billion-dollar industry and we wholeheartedly agree.

I have met hundreds of Florida hemp advocates between FADCS Rulemaking Hearings and Florida Research discussions and the number of supporters continues to grow. We have a unique opportunity in Florida with more grow cycles than other states, plus Florida has created groups to help guide input for the future, just as DACS has too, yet each will serve a different purpose. The Florida Hemp Council's mission is to be the catalyst of connectivity. We strive to ensure product producers get to the retailers and in-turn assist the retailers to connect to compliant product producers, aligning best practices to maintain compliance. We must provide farmer's the necessary information and education so they find the seeds to plant, produce crops, and have a fighting-chance against predatory lenders.
The Florida Hemp Council does not provide legal advice; we offer advanced consultation from the brightest legal minds in our network. Our goal is a sustainable future for hemp where consumers have confidence in an uncontaminated product they can trust.
Eric Stevens is Executive Director of the Florida Hemp Council.
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